Sunday, November 23, 2014

Just when you think the story on Aquino can't get any stranger, boom he throws us a curveball. Newsflash: pot calls kettle black, film at eleven.


Here he is folks "general" at the NSA and high priest of his satanic Temple Of Set this childraping murderous likely son of Josef Mengele is here to tell YOU about psyops etc?

This guy wrote the BOOK on the stuff along with Bert Stubblebine and John B. Alexander, the original three Men Who Stare At Goats as written of by Jon Ronson. Now he's supposedly a "doctor"??? Of what? MEGAPUKE.

Check out Monarch: The New Phoenix Program on YouTube by Marshall Thomas. Aquino also cofounded the cia's Psychotechnologies Inc. aka Psi-Tech at This is one seriously satanic and twisted pedophile and maintains a residence at 2430 Leavenworth San Francisco CA.

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