Saturday, November 15, 2014

True Ott rocks. Check it.

True is now broadcasting to the biggest audience ever, averaging around a quarter million listeners each show, from all around the globe.  His revived two-hour show airs now only once a week, on Fridays from 7pm to 9pm PST at (Revolution Radio) - tune into Studio B.  Archived shows are available to paid subscribers, and the price is well worth the payoff.  These shows are completely COMMERCIAL-FREE and so far have been jam-packed with incredible info guests and revelations, tonight included.  I believe this is the site referencing the water technology discussed in tonites show:

I am tentatively scheduled to host the show by myself on December 8.  Hoping to bring a quality guest for a great 2-hour discussion.  Stay tuned.

New updates to the recent post on the bopsie twins, with photos.  FYI.

True did another post on 432 today:  More On 432 hz Music – It’s Basis in Earth Minerals and the Human Body

Have a great weekend everyone.

Breakthrough: why MMR vaccine can give children febrile seizures

Vaccine for a disease that doesn't exist? 

Vaccines Spiked With Sterilization Hormone HCG

Fake “pandemics” are another game of mind control!  

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