Monday, November 3, 2014

Slithering hiss of the vipers

I just logged in to post a few things yesterday and I noticed a comment awaiting moderation from your friend and mine, voice and co-conspirator to the edomite bopsie twins Michael Vara, and boy oh boy folks it was filled with rage, profanity and veiled threats.  True passed me a copy of a comment left on his site apparently by the same, in which it is alleged yet again that I am somehow an agent for FBI's "cointelpro" division, further that not only is True but also I am somehow his paid disinformation agent, and finally that I am "a sexual pervert and pedophile protector."  I gotta say folks, this takes the cake, and in a nutshell really displays the character, or rather lack of, possessed by these indeed seemingly possessed individuals who continue to conspire to attack the character and credibility of me and other researchers whom I have come to know and respect. 

Seriously folks, this isn't my first rodeo by a longshot, and in my world this is just formula behavior, textbook denial tactics coming from hateful agents of disinformation who are being exposed to the public for who they really are, no dissimilar from the stinging action a scorpion in the desert would take to having the stone it was hiding under overturned by a curious hiker.   Back in '09 when dealing with the agent-saboteur infiltrator "citizen Jane" Burgermeister, who we came to discover was somehow involved with the Bush camp, I saw this same exact behavior displayed and aimed at anyone and everyone who questioned this individual's sincerity and legitimacy, which ultimately proved to be quite fake.

Ever since I chose in 2011 to publish RJ Hampton's video of Sherri Kane attempting to blackmail her lover/mindcontrolled slave/business partner dentist Lenny Horowitz on the phone Xmas day 2010, I have sustained many continuing attacks of the same type simply for showing the world who these "people" really are; a side of them they most certainly don't want the public to see:  hateful, vengeful lying backstabbing frauds, who appear quite clearly to have neither shame nor conscience; ethics nor morals.  For a group who spends so much energy promoting what they call a "love frequency" I for one don't detect anything resembling love from any of them. 

The attacks came in every direction toward getting the video removed including false claims of copyright infringement, false claims of hate speech and promoting violence, and most recently in the form of a falsified court order presented to my blog host Google threatening some sort of legal action to which the blog host responded by shutting my blog down for a second time; the first being shut down by host Wordpress under identical circumstances.  At first Google honored my notarized permission from the content owner and upheld my right to publish the video, which infuriated the bopsie twins and led them to publicly announce they were now suing Google and "taking down the man".  Meanwhile I continued to receive comment threats such as "Ott’s leading dog propagandist, Alex Studer Stooger, is another government stooge that recently lost his entire blog for his big fat mouth and theft. They will all be floating in the river soon enough.".

The coup-des-gras was a page they created called "fame seekers" on a libelous and defamatory attack website Kane and Horowitz created aimed at attacking True in which they photoshopped my head onto a homosexual pornographic image - real mature behavior.  This version 3.0 of the blog represents resolve and commitment to pursuing Truth in all its forms, and preserving my First Amendment right to tell the world what I think is truth and what I think is not.

And so now I add Michael Vara to this growing list of self-appointed adversaries [in addition to CIA's Barbara Hartwell whom I refer to as Fart-Smell], who continue to make things up about me as they go along, themselves not knowing hardly a single correct fact about me at all.  Who knows where they get off calling me a "sexual pervert" - I certainly am not the one with selfies all over the internet in bondage leather and overtly suggestive poses; no, that would be Sherri Kane who has those.  (see below)

And being called a "pedophile protector" - puh-leese.  So much for Kane and Horowitz's credibility as being researchers, for had they done their homework they'd have learned that the one person I went to bat for a few years back who had been arrested and accused of pedophilia-related activities, it turns out was never charged for any crime due to complete lack of evidence: he was set up and framed by the FBI just as I had asserted from the beginning.  This man, a veteran union journeyman in the entertainment field, was ruthlessly tossed into the system and slandered publicly through the local news media, personal property seized, and held in federal custody for 11 months under completely false allegations lacking any evidence whatsoever - with no redactions, public apologies or restitution ever made.  Just as I asserted from the beginning, this man is no pedophile; never was.  Further the accused man I defended in the media never committed any crime.  End of story.  

All this, in consideration of a few things:  Firstly the assertion Lenny is somehow a "knight of Malta" when infact he purchased a fake "knighthood" for a few hundred dollars from a group called OIUCM tied to both the WHO and Bert Stubblebine.  Secondly, what to me clearly appears to be some very serious and weighty allegations being circulated of Len Horowitz having sexually molested his own daughter some years ago, to me only reinforces my take on these two: having been called out for who they truly are, Len Horowitz and his sidekick Sherri Kane and now their attack dog with a radio show Michael Vara are throwing everything they can think of, including the kitchen sink, at me and those who question their integrity, in the form of publicly witnessed poorly-thought-out hysterical fits of uncontrolled rage, which stand like a neon sign in a night-time desert flashing IN DENIAL.  In the words of William Shakespeare from his classic play HAMLET, "methinks thou dost protesteth too much".

Read Ken Adachi's pieces on these issues here.

The moral of this story is to learn about projection, a classic textbook denial tactic used quite often by agents of disinformation.

Scientist: Japan earthquake, nuke “accident” are tectonic nuclear warfare

Vaccines Reduce Newborns’ Disease Immunity: Study


Khazarian Jew Epstein’s “BLACK BOOK OF PROSTITUTION AND PEDOPHILIA” was kept and was used as blackmail against the rich and  powerful – men like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.  This is a sick Khazarian practice, commonly performed against U.S. politicians to “keep them in line” with Israel’s interests and the ADL agendas by Jewish Organized Crime  (J.O.C.) figures operating in the shadows.

In a similar vein, DVD TAPED EVIDENCE OF KHAZAR SHERRI KANE’S ATTEMPT TO BLACKMAIL SEX PARTNER LEN HOROWITZ ON CHRISTMAS DAY, 2010 BACKFIRES ON HER AS THE TAPE IS RELEASED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC FOR HONEST DISSEMINATION!  No extortion demands were ever made against Kane or Horowitz, no “blackmailing” – just freedom of information and honest journalistic posting of TRUTH.    Khazar Kane then attempts to “spin” this as an “attack against her” by the troop of fantasy “cointelpro” enemies “stalking” her.  How deranged and warped is THAT??

Ms. Kane and Mr. Horowitz (you are NOT a DDS (Dr.) since you are not licensed and practicing in your field of dentistry (thus a “diploma” means NOTHING) – but you ARE a practicing Doctor of Spin) — the public is not stupid!   Why don’t you post the entire DVD in question on your numerous websites so that people can decide for themselves?? Why do you so intently seek to HIDE its content, while instead engage in TELLING PEOPLE EXACTLY WHAT THEY SHOULD BELIEVE ABOUT IT?????   You narcissistic, mentally deranged CLOWN!

Can’t you see through this imposter, folks?  What exactly is he and Kane so afraid of?  Horowitz should be honest with everyone, and post the DVD himself!    No – instead, H and K block Mr. Studer from publicly posting it, though he has permission to do so from the producer/owner of the DVD – Ms. Roxie Hampton!  Why is the truth being blocked and hidden?  Because both H &  K are clearly the worst kind of hypocrites, and the TRUTH is simply not in them!   They obfuscate and hide the truth, while claiming to champion it. HYPOCRITES!!!  How SICK!!

Kane and Horowitz – your Khazar “Bloodline Brethren” have done the same thing with 9-11 – which was COMPLETELY a MOSSAD operation designed to enrich Israel and destroy the evidence trail of at least $2.3 TRILLION USD WORTH OF WEAPONRY embezzled by Israeli Citizen, Khazar Rabbi, Pentagon Comptroller, Dov Zackheim and company to Israel.   Your Cult of Khazarian Killers skillfully hide and spin the TRUTH.  I for one am sick and tired of it.   Since the days of Cain, the Luciferian seed of Cain (Kenites) have been murdering innocents to get gain.  And so it continues to the present day.   Your Gig is up – you are EXPOSED.

The bottom line is:  YOUR CREDIBILITY IS COMPLETELY SHOT!  Kaput.  You should retire to some asylum in Maui – or better yet – go pick pineapples on Lanai for a living.  At least that is honest work!   Nobody with an HONEST HEART believes your baseless and malicious accusations and dribble any longer!!   Moreover,  you are not worthy of a single moment of MY time either.


Remove this video immediately!

Alex Studer, you have stolen this video [no I havent it was provided willingly from the filmmaker and owner of all rights to the footage and is public domain] with the collaboration of Roxie Hampton and [name withheld], it is unauthorized [not true it is completely authorized by the filmmaker and the fact it is public domain - you have no authority to determine such], and your YouTube account is in violations of privacy and copyright infringement. [kinda hard considering it is I who own the copyright to the video in question]
You are angry because your good friend was arrested by the FBI for being a pedophile [sure who wouldnt be after seeing a friend and neighbor youve known for years get falsely accused and those falsehoods splashed all over the media without his even having a day in court to defend against such allegations and prove them false?  what kind of nazi communist are you?] and now you are being investigated as well!  [yeah well Ive assumed that much for years, yet I'm still walking freely.  seems anyone investigating me is wasting their time because I am not up to any illegal activity whatsoever, unless you consider shopping for cat food, standing in line at food banks, collecting unemployment, and producing music records illegal activity]

You will not get away with harming children no matter what you do! [Who said anything about my harming children?  You?  I certainly havent heard anyone speak of me harming children and I have plenty of friends with tons of kids who can speak up as character witnesses to say in the many years theyve known me theyve never seen me act inappropriately with any of their children.  I have never been accused or been investigated for anything even remotely related to child abuse, and to say so publicly not only indicates your mailicious intent to harm me through false allegations, it also shows how terribly uninformed you truly are.] You will be thoroughly investigated for your crimes.   [What crimes?  The ones you are falsely alleging to which no proof exists?  Don't you think this might backfire on you?]  The FBI currently has a copy of your hard-drive [no they don't], and what they have found will put you in prison for life.  [even if anyone confiscated my hard drives and performed digital forensics, nothing would be found.  I am operating on all-new fresh media recently formatted that has never contained anything remotely close to child pornography or any other illegal content.  you'd need a warrant to perform the search, and a warrant can only be based on hard facts of which none exist and none ever will - unless someone decides to illegally break-and-enter to plant it.  such a person would get videotaped in the process.]

You have posted this illegally on your blogsite:  [again nope, I have every legal right under the sun to post any YouTube videos I want, and nothing you say can stop me - or so I thought until Wordpress bought your lies.  If you somehow manage to once again sabotage my blog at blogspot through your bullshit lies, I'll come back with a fully privately-hosted site of my own that no one but me has access to.]

Remove it immediately or you will hear from our attorney.  [oh yeah? how?  by carrier pigeon?  smoke signals?  your magic psychic powers?  good luck.]
The FBI in San Francisco has already been notified of your criminal activity.  [no, if anything they've been notified of your repeated malicious attacks and false allegations; Ive been in regular communication with them for weeks now along with attorneys, SFPD and the DA office.  no criminal activity here whatsoever; the FBI know all about your sorry ass too.]


PS from RJ Hampton:

The video was commissioned by Sherri Kane because she thought Lenny was trying to pull a fast one on her.  That's how the video was shot. And it belongs to me. And I have told everyone when you are dealing with me everything is a matter of Public Record. I want the world to know what these two are really about and when God is through They won't be able to hustle a peanut at the World's fair!

Did you know George Noori has made Len a wealthy man?


In her latest appearance on Len Horowitz'n'Sherri Kane's show [the night of Aug 2 where they spend most of their time making up stuff about me], Blabbles made it a point to accuse A. True Ott of falsifying his degrees.

Take a look at the lower-1/3 of this page:, where it is shown that Barbara Politis Hartwell has never graduated from a 4-year college or university, yet claims to hold a Doctorate in Divinity (DD) degree, which is equivalent to a Ph.D; and for a Ph.D, one needs to have gained at least a Bachelor's degree (and probably the Master's)...which Blabbles has not done.

She is taking others' valid criticism of her own fraudulent background and attempting to reverse polarity--accusing others of that which she is guilty.

[This is their M.O.: one which they are using against all of us.  We learned this tactic early on in 2009 while encountering "citizen Jane" Burgermeister who was given research-in-progress then twisted it into unintelligible blabber which did not make sense and came back some six weeks later with a document hundreds of pages long which was expected to only be a few, in an attempt to obtain an original injunction against the HHS for forced vaccinations.  When questioned why did this take so long, why did you take in-progress research - much unverified - and twist it into much disproven and factually baseless fluff for hundreds of pages, and why havent you contacted any of us in the process before releasing your final version to the public; she went postal, calling us all "satanists" and instead of once addressing any of the questions rationally and calmly she exploded into a spiteful and angry hysteria of insults, permanently distancing herself from those who once gave her the benefit of the doubt.  Now we see the same behavior in Horrorwitch and Scary Pain, insomuch as anytime anyone counters what they allege or challenges them in any way, the first thing out of their mouths is "you are a cointelpro agent".  To see how prevalent this behavior is, simply go look at all the comment threads on the movies posted at the drlenhorowitz YouTube page and see for yourselves: anyone who even remotely questions or challenges him is met with the "cointelpro" accusation, which is clear indication once again of the tactic of labeling your enemies which surround you with the same characteristics you youself possess.  I submit because these two so commonly and reactively accuse those around them as "cointelpro" that this serves as evidence to show that most likely it is THEY who are the real cointelpro agents, and further there exists a high possibility of Monarch/MKultra mind programming being present.]

further comments from RJ Hampton:
She wants to be famous it is so shameful. Prior to the good doctor her attentions were turned to the "CRACK PIPE.
528 is an attempt for Lenny to own the rights to all the music of the world and make it available to everyone for free??? He owns it cause its in 528 right!
He has a Guy in Russia working on it right now.
He is hopelessly addicted to SEX not Love and Sherri Kane is here to make the great Doctor? submit she is an DOMINATRIX

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  1. Hey, I am glad to see you hanging in there and this site.

    I have had my own run in with the Kane/Witz idiots myself and I got the same reaction.

    At first I was going to give them the benefit of the doubt about you guys, but upon research and simply asking them questions.

    Suddenly I become co-intel pro as well. Ha.

    M-Vara is just a tool for them.

    This "truth" movement only see's one color: $$$ Green.

    *Truth not included*.

    Good luck in your fight for reason with these hateful/disturbed dis-info agents.