Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Repeat the lie often enough and people will perceive it as the truth

Anyone can turn on any TV channel and hear the rhetoric and fake patriotism being piped at us all as we near the 11th on sunday.  The fake story of those "heroic" passengers of flight 93, which was actually shot down.  The boxcutter-wielding muslim hijackers, even though many are walking around today.

Contagion reviews are on the news tonight, as the release happens on Friday, just before sunday the 11th.  "It's the first time I wanted to leave a theater wearing a mask and gloves."  The world is about to get a real-life look into the likely scenarios I have been researching since day one of this blog.  Again, the big lie of this film is the spin to suggest the pathogens emerged spontaneously out of nature - when in fact we have clear cut evidence, mountains of it, that shows these superviral chimera cocktails are fresh out of pathology labs such as Ft Detrick and Plum Island.  As I have stated since first becoming aware of this film, I believe it is khazarian-controlled Hollywood's way of conditioning the public through predictive programming as to what is going to happen in the near future.

And speaking of lies, certain pro-Jeremiah folk have questioned me on why I think the "general Jeremiah" is a hoax.  First of all I said it is a hoax, not a fraud, because definition of fraud involves solitciing money under false pretenses - no I said hoax and not fraud, so to confuse the issue so is perplexing.  I have been asked "how do you know there isn't a United Galactic Federation?" and I answer because someone felt the need to lie to promote this story by posting plagiarized photos of Poland, Nicaragua, Japan and elsewhere selling it off as some fake planet "Balqui".  If it were true no one would be compelled to sell lies about it, and instead would provide raw hard irrefutable PROOF, which to this date none has been procured.  I don't care who said what or "vouches" for what anyone else says: this is all hearsay as a court would consider it, and until someone shows me real hard proof, and explains why someone needed to lie to promote plagiarized photos, I call BULLSHIT.  Period.

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