Thursday, September 8, 2011

Safeway making bribes to get people to take the toxic flu jab

That's right folks, now you can get ten percent off your groceries purchase if you roll up your sleeve and take a shot of poisons being sold as a "flu shot".  Far as I can tell this sets a precedent and will likely be followed by other institusions like Walgreens and Billy-Joe-Bob's BBQ drive-thru ribs and flu shot center as they all compete to lure people in to voluntarily roll up their sleeves and take the shot.

All of a sudden, just two days before the release of Contagion, Safeway in California has commenced a blitzkrieg regional TV30 ad campaign, running spots on every major network, on average at least 6 per hour each.  There are two spots, and they both focus on how you can get your "flu shot" at safeway: one promotes the 10 percent grocery discount, and the other states they have given "over five million flu shots" since they started.  Both are things they say that "should make you feel better already".  Mega-projectile-exorcist-vomit.

I don't shop at Safeway anyway, and this can be added to the long list of reasons why.

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Video showing evidence of Fourth-Generation nukes being used on the collapsing WTC buildings on 9/11 ~ link ~ Dr. Bill Deagle and I were talking about this, today, on the NutriMedical Report Show (link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ). The towers were hit by aircraft that were flown via remote control (the flight crews and passengers were likely already dead from poison gas) using the Fly-by-Wire anti-hijacking feature built into Boeing 757s and 767s. The towers were pre-wired with advanced explosive cutting charges and came down as only buildings wired by demolition experts could. As they were falling, fourth-generation nukes vaporized (actually caused the atomic structure to collapse) the majority of the structure. That is why two 110 story towers and the 47 story Tower 7 only made a pile four or five stories high and why there was a super-hot fire burning in the sub-basements for over a month, and why large numbers of First Responders and people at the scene are now dying of cancer. We were not attacked by some 6'6" Arab sitting on his ass in some cave in far off Afghanistan but by the globalists and their CIA/neocon/Mossad henchmen. Stirling  

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