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pH1N1 Upsilon Jumps; "Birth Certificate" Fraud; Blog Censorship; Morgellons IS the chipping of the populus

Sept 9 is the official release date for the film.  As to the official release of the actual lab-created pathogen, the "zombie" chimera composed of rabies, smallpox, and influenza of 3 separate species, only time will tell as it could very well have been already released and just not reported yet.  Just yesterday a US military soldier was reportedly dead due to a rabies infection.

Certainly we have a viral gene pool of potential genetic recombinant "force multipliers", many of which are known lab viruses out of the halls of places like Plum Island and Ft. Detrick, including but not limited to:

West Nile
Lyme Disease
Whooping Cough
H1N1 and its recombinant variants
H5N1 and its recombinant variants
Dengue Fever

.... and this only scratches the surface of the viral genepool.  We still have bacteria and fungi to consider, again many fresh out of bioweapons labs.  Remember the Batman movie with Jack Nicholson as The Joker who contaminates consumer products in ways so that combinations became toxic, and the components were so widely dispersed and untraceable?  This is more or less how a viral gene pool contributes to recombinant viral pathogens.

Following the underlying thesis of recombination, which states that a recombinant virus grabs new genetics from each new host thus "recombining" along the way with continuously new genetics (not to be confused with "mutation"), just having one circulating pandemic of a recombinant chimera virus (like H1N1) provides for the likely and ultimate recombination with the viral genetics of some of the others on the list above; introduction of a chimera contagion with a 98 percent case fatality rate such as what the CDC has warned us of, addding to it the "force multiplier" viruses already in circulation, and the pandemic picture becomes a not very rosy one at all.

I suggest that this film Contagion is not fictional at all (except for the denials spinning the explanation away from that of lab origins) and is only a preface, a warning, a preview, of what is set to actually befall the world in real events in the not too distant future.

Wordpress is up to its usual shenanigans, now having shut down a Stop NATO blog, and YouTube is behaving similarly by shutting down Dutchsinse's account.  It's pretty easy to tell that protecting the 1st amendment's freedom of speech is not among their priorities, as I have found out first-hand.  At least I know I'm not the only one being picked on.  Congratulations to Craig Oxley for getting Unhived Mind back online.   In these times more than ever we need to protect bloggers' rights and the overall right to free speech as more and more we are targeted for attack and labeled as "terror suspects".  The Electronic Frontier Foundation offers help for those who have suffered such attacks.

Regarding the chipping of the populus: Way back when I was a regular on Dr Deagle's show, I came to an understanding that Katherine Albrecht was a shill sent out to discredit Deagle as much as possible, and further to spin attention away from the actual chipping agenda by focusing on the VeriChip.  Since learning of the MuChip and other technologies which Albrecht refuses to discuss, I've pretty much put her on the same shelf as folks like Horrorwitch AJ and other disinfo shills who serve only to spin the story away to anything other than what the actual truth is.  As far as the chipping thing goes, one need only take some cursory looks into the photo-journalism of Jan Smith at and read the findings of Dr. Wil Spencer at Morgellons Research Group; then listen to my brief 30-minute interview with Dr. Wil Spencer.  The case is being built, supported by photographic evidence, that the mass chipping of the human population has long ago commenced with the aerosol chemtrail spray program which includes the polymer components of the condition known as Morgellons.  It appears clearly that the chipping is happening within each of us automatically as a function of the Morgellons polymers, as they self-assemble into intelligent transceiver nanochips, complete with apparent video lenses and audio sensory parts, data processing arrays, transceiver antennae and much more.  Folks with big anti-chipping websites talking about VeriChip and Katherine Albrecht are in my opinion knowingly selling the public outdated and downright false information in the formulaic following of hegelian dialectic formula.  Don't believe the hype folks; truth is stranger than fiction.


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pH1N1 Upsilon Marker Jumps Clades, Adds Zoonoses, Escapes Vaccine, Hospitalises and Transmits Well 

On 2011-08-25, the WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza published 15 pH1N1 sequences at GISAID.  These sequences were sampled from patients in Australia from April to July 2011.  All are Clade 2 backgrounds (188T).

Although a recent GeneWurx analysis on Romanian sequences discussed a different defining Clade 1 marker (189T) jumping templates onto Clade 2, this Australian pattern maintains polymorphic throw for several generations. This deposit not only surfaces a novel face for Clade 2 (188T), but is a novelty that conducts reliable transmission though a defining marker downstream of the cleavage site is adopted from Clade 1.Upsilon (syn346G) in the same domain as the HA syn338G normally found on Clade 2. 

The 5 very similar sequences each carry 17 to 20 HA polymorphisms.  The superset of polymorphisms from this emergent mixed branch shows known Vaccine Escape changes at HA 156E and 158EHypermorphic behaviour is a hallmark of pH1N1 as are the Vaccine Breakthrough (AustraliaBrisbane500_32M_2011_06_22_VxX) and hospitalisation (AustraliaBrisbane190_25M_2011_06_14_s) instances also demonstrated by cases from this novel emergence.

These novel and rare HA polymorphisms to the Clade 2 background exhibit homological history at a very significant proportion in the H1N1 Avian genetics record, including several farm animal sequences.  Those farm animal sequences, in turn, show a strong match rate to Clade 1.Upsilon (pH1N1υ) AND to these Clade 2 Human pH1N1 sequences.  The superset of polymorphisms from the related Avian H1N1 farm animals exhibit strong homology to the superset of Clade 1.Upsilon HA polymorphisms.

The HA syn413K prevalent in fatal and severe cases from the early pandemic has mated with these Australian novelties as a further signal of zoonotic avian influence on the most widely reported pH1N1 Clade (Clade 2 – 188T).  Cross-clade polymorphism jumping is only just beginning for the Pandemic reservoir of H1N1.  Sporadic HA 230I on backgrounds similar to these 5 novel items is probable.  Interaction between human pH1N1 and Avian Influenza strains (farm and wild) carrying both Clade 1 and Clade 2 immune escape markers on single strains will continue to drive human revision using the widely available avian delivery vector

By GeneWurx calculations, clade elasticity will rise to become a primary method generating the 2011-2012 pH1N1 polymorphism bed.

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