Sunday, September 25, 2011

BofA Patent app 20110201960: systems for inducing change in a human physiological characteristic

United States Patent Application 20110201960
Kind Code A1
Price; David D. ;   et al. August 18, 2011


Systems and methods for inducing a change in a human physiological characteristic. The physiological characteristic may correspond to an emotional state of a dialogue participant. The dialogue participant may be an individual participating in a conversation. The outcome of the conversation may be related to a business objective, such as providing high quality call center services. A sensor may monitor the physiologic characteristic. A processor may relate the physiologic characteristic to an emotional state. The processor may provide feedback to the individual based on the emotional state. The feedback may be formulated to change the individual's emotional state. 

Egads.  Add this to the Smirnoff patent owned by Psi-Tech and silent sound (SSSS or S-Quad), and we've got some serious issues to contend with.

Get out of the market now.  Reports are that over 900,000 put options were placed this month where the normal figure is around 14 thousand.  Paul Drockton has submitted research, recently reported on Rense.  Something is going down, and very very soon: the value of the dollar.

Additionally reports are from the Netherlands that TV and internet services are being suspended Sept 26 and 27.  The 27th is the very day world leaders all have a "day off" and are mysteriously convening at the Denver International Airport, home to one of the largest underground bases in the world.  It has been reported by many that the real-deal "shadow government" is headquartered under Falcon, CO not far from this location.  USGS headquarters where the HAARP controls are located is underneath Boulder.  These bases have highspeed german maglev train systems connecting them to many of the other underground bases in the world, including Groom Lake, Dulce, Wright-Patterson and Montauk.  Many of these underground bases are places where ETs exist.  This is where all the missing trillions has gone: to the building of these bases by the Rand and Bechtel corporations, among many others.

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