Sunday, September 4, 2011

To hell in a handbasket

If anyone has noticed that the price of gas at the pump has gone up 20 cents in just the past 10 days, you might just be starting to get the hint that it's on.  Next step, hyperinflation and more.  Time to stop thinking about $2000/oz gold and think more like $6000.  Next rally to happen is silver, so I'm thinking pretty much now is everyone's last chance to get in on physical silver before it takes off as well.

War drums continue beating in the middle east, as development worsen in Syria.  My feelings are that a US-led NATO invasion of Syria will have a domino effect which will further encourage Israel to ultimately unleash their strike on Iran and by doing so drag the US into all-out WWIII.  As much as I had predicted these events would have happened earlier, and more recently that they may happen this September, I have heard good rational argument which says it will more likely be spring '12 when we actually see this strike happen.  My personal opinion says that could perhaps be the far end of the window of likelihood, the near end being right about now-ish, starting with the Palestine vote being held on Sept 11.   One thing is certain in my mind, when it does happen the only warning will be one that comes too late, as the US will only be notified of such a strike by Bibi666 Netanyahu after the strike has already begun - and without asking anyone's permission first.

We are being programmed to accept the notion of a population-reducing zombie virus, starting with the CDC announcement and now following up with Contagion about to be released.  Having already seen Twelve Monkeys and I Am Legend, it seems a little odd there should be PR pieces on the news talking about a "cure for cancer" involving a vaccine based on the Rabies virus.

We are being programmed to accept the idea that giving up our freedoms and rights for "national security" is a good thing, based on a lie being sold to us that boxcutter-wielding muslim hijackers flew planes into the towers on 9/11/01, and the towers fell because of the plane crashes.  We are being told, even in our highly suspicious investigations that 911 was an "inside job", that it was an operation run by anyone other than Mossad, just like the JFK assassination.  Just like Oslo, or Wikileaks, 7/7 etc.  Anyone but Mossad

No one wants to talk about the very real likelihood that Mossad is holding the purse-strings and in doing so is controlling CIA and MI6 and henceforth their respective "governments".  AIPAC ADL SPLC and similar groups would most likely like to label anyone questioning Mossad or Israel a racist, an "anti-semite".

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