Monday, September 12, 2011

NorCal Chemtrail Report: Return of the Purple Fog Monster

Pardon me while I hack out more CLCs (chemtrail lung cookies) before I begin.

Hack, cough, spit.  Repeat.

Last coupla days its been purple dry mist pea soup.  Offshore spraying has intensified, and today I saw my first sprayer plane in quite a few weeks: about 10000 feet altitude spraying an aerosol that dissipated quickly, leaving only wispy remnants visible, all of it contributing to the thick purple layer we were and still are all engulfed in here, one which made the full moon appear very unusual as seen through this thick layer of artificial mist.

If I can get some good photos tomorrow I'll add them to this post - no doubt there will be another heavy spray day tomorrow. 

Still havent gotten around to a sitting of Contagion - so booked with work gigs im amazed i can find any time at all for sleep and basic hygiene.

Also still have yet to visit offices of EFF - have been so preoccupied with other activities.  Hopefully as time permits I will be able to provide some followup here.

I'm going to be slightly less active here and less communicative next few days or so; the busy season has started and I am finally getting back to work.  Feast or famine, and now it's feast time.  Id hoped to do a new radio show by now but will be putting it off at least a day or two.  Stay tuned.

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