Saturday, November 19, 2011

I have MORGELLONS disease

"Chicken" John Rinaldi, who ran for mayor against Gavin, replies "you have hypochondria".

I told him "you have assholitis".

Now I understand about these tiny lesions on my leg which never heal.

I just ran the hairbrush test and pulled a tuft of "dust" from the brush (new brush) and put it on a slide and viewed it at 100x magnification on my microscope.

I totally have Morgellons.

Red fibers, blue fibers, all with the little corpuscle ends.  Bizillions of tiny clear fibers running around everywhere, made up of what look like little round balls in long tubes.  Giant brown logs, those are hairs,  But artifacts of all colors: red, blue, green, amber.  What I saw through the microscope lens looked just like many of the pictures featured at Jan Smith's

Cant wait to see what I pull out of the lesions via self-biopsy.

Looks like I am now a Morgellons story, and will likely have to create an entirely different blog site just to document my own findings.


I took HD video of what I saw through the microscope this afternoon - thankfully enough it worked just being able to hold the camera lens right up to the microscope eyepiece - thank goodness for the latest pocket-sized video technology. 

As I mentioned in previous posts, I have confirmed that I am afflicted with the irreversible and incurable disease known as Morgellons, attributed to components of the UN-sponsored aerosol spray program worldwide known as "chemtrails" which by all accounts began in 1996.

I have painful lesions on my leg and torso that just don't heal. I've had them for months now.

I ran the "hairbrush" test with a brand new hairbrush and looked at the "lint" under my microscope, and videotaped what I saw. The above YouTube video is a collection of yesterday's footage.

Dr Wil Spencer of Morgellons Research Group has done some cutting edge research into learning how to slow the progress of this unknown condition, which involves mineralization and other protocols. I've heard back from Dr. Mike Castle who suggests using charged water from use of Dr John Milewski's black magnetite sands.

Currently I am working to cut sugar from my diet (Morgs loves sugar) and drinking as much lemon juice as possible to attempt a more alkalized body ph (Morgs also loves acidic body ph).

Since mainstream "medicine" fails to acknowledge this disease and diagnose it properly (led by CDC's intentional sweeping it under the rug) there will be no reliable ot trustworthy treatment to come from any AMA-licensed MDs or operating hospitals. The only treatments that will be offered of any help will come from the independent community, and will likely only involve natural supplements and protocols, and no prescription drugs. Locally here in SF I have been told that Kaiser Permanente is doing a study of this condition. I intend to research that with a grain of salt, after seeing CDCs inaction in 2009 by throwing chump change at a bogus study which never produced any results.  [turns out the Kaiser test was started back in 2007 and is the exact bogus study the CDC threw a few hundred grand at then let the issue die out without ever following up or publishing any results.]

EVERYONE HAS MORGELLONS. You have it, your neighbors have it, their dogs and cats have it. Again, I assert that EVERY LIVING BREATHING THING has Morgellons. Just because you aren't aware of this condition does not mean you aren't afflicted. Random tests over many years and many areas on all continents have shown 100% affliction across the board in all measured life forms.

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