Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ignoring a problem doesnt make it go away.

I have a friend who listens to AJ and thinks he is a truthful researcher.  I lectured him on how AJ plagiarizes others' work and fails to discuss critical issues such as satanic pedophilia, MKultra, Monarch, Montauk, underground bases, Psi-Tech and remote viewing, psionics, Michael A. Aquino, Bill Cooper, Phil Schneider, Gary McKinnon, ETs, and so many others, meanwhile continuing to promote the founder of COINTELPRO on his radio show by hosting interview after interview with retired US Army general Albert Stubblebine and his ashkenazi khazarian wife Rima Laibow MD.  AJ also interviews Janet Phelan whose father was up to his eyeballs in cointelpro, and research turns up Janet to be just as sneaky, with CIA and FBI ties to clearly indicate her being a compromised disinfo agent.  AJ himself is married to an ashkenai khazarian, yet another reason why you'll never hear AJ talk of the Edomites of Babylon from the days of King Solomon, the fake jews "those who say they are jews but are not", the ashkenazi khazarian bloodline "jews", who according to the Bible are nephilim hybrids.  I went on to explain how AJ serves mainly to enrage his listening audience by emotionally charging them up with his on-air antics and fits of rage, meanwhile not offering viable solutions to solving the problems, only highlighting the problems and asking the audience "when will you not be able to take it anymore".  AJ support 33rd-degree master mason Ron Paul who just this saturday in Iowa blew off Dane Phillips (co-author of the book Battle Hymn) who had spent 5 minutes on the microphone prior to the debate asking the candidates to talk about the fraudulent Federal Reserve system.  AJ supports OWS and rightfully so, for he serves to instigate and accelerate the path to civil unrest which I believe he is paid to do - to bring about the state of martial law that he claims to be so vocally against.  Hal Turner, whose on-radio personality closely resembled that of AJs, is now in federal prison for being on FBI payroll while inciting acts of violence and vandalism from his listening audience.  AJ has also given airtime to "citizen" jane burgermeister (or whatever her name really is) who is on record for the same sort of behavior as Turner.  You won't see AJ interviewing me, or A. True Ott, or Dr. Mike Castle, or Dr. Bill Deagle, or Dr. Wil Spencer, or Meryl Nass MD, or Susan Lindauer, or the folks from IAHFThings that should make any rationally thinking person go hmmmmm.

I was trying to get my friend to listen to The Story Behind The Story (9-11am PST M-F) this morning, and his first reaction was "I don't have time to listen to every Tom Dick and Harry on the radio thinking they know how to tell me what to do (paraphrase) ,,, I just need to do my yoga and be healthy."  Then the radio show started and I started playing it over the speakers, and my friend heard Dr Ott addressing the core problem with the fraud of the Federal Reserve system, going back to 1913, and my friend immediately perked up and chimed in "that's what I was talking about after seeing that Money Masters film".   He sat and listened to a few more minutes then began asking questions about how to tune into Dr Ott's show and when it broadcasts.  I was more than happy to pass off the info, and hope my friend makes use of it.  I feel confident I may have helped this friend steer clear of AJ's disinfo BS and start taking in The Story Behind The Story.

A note about Morgellons:  it is NOT COMMUNICABLE.  It is NOT CONTAGIOUS, but it is systemic and completely widespread on all continents, thus just about everyone has it, however only some are showing and/or discovering outward symptoms of its manifestations.

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  1. Hi Alex,
    I've now seen you mention Morgellons being:
    "widespread on all continents" on a few occasions.

    Can you please tell me whether you've actually seen reported cases in Africa?

    I've travelled to a few African cities and have NEVER seen a single chemtrail.

    As always - keep up the good work!