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Closing in on 11-11-11

My friend Lisa in the netherlands forwarded this to me, and Im presenting it here exactly as I got it:

The below article is originally written in Dutch. I’ve used an online translator AND I’ve fixed some of the grammar so it’s in a more common English form. Go to either of the above links to see the graphics that come with the article. They are important and powerful in and of themselves. My response to this article is only that we NEED to remember that evil is constantly afoot and uses ‘our elected officials’ and government agencies to implement its schemes. We need to be focused and prayerful at all times. –Lisa


Rumors and conspiracies around special date 11-11-11

by Xander | November 4, 2011

The new feature film “11-11-11” is about a supernatural port which opens, showing a dark power that descends on Earth. Some Christians believe that this really will happen.

It is exactly one week until November 11, 2011. Especially in the last months, the buzz all over the alternative internet is ‘rumors and conspiracies’ that on 11-11-11 something special and dramatic is waiting to happen. Some think that a new false-flag attack in the US will be held, possibly on the Hoover Dam in Arizona. Others believe that an asteroid will take on the Moon (YU55), with possibly serious consequences for the Earth. Still others believe that 11-11-11 will be the ' kick off ' for an attack on Iran and the outbreak of the third world war. The most ' fantastic ' statement comes from a Christian angle: next Friday a ' port ' will open up another dimension, allowing demons to come out, and that will end the world as we know it.

More than a year ago, there were similar conspiracy stories around the date 10-10-10, but on 10-10-10 nothing special happened. The difference with last year, however, is that on and around 11 November 2011, some remarkable ' hard ' events are planned that many find suspicious at least.

Exercise on attack with nuclear bomb
So began yesterday in the u.s. State of Arizona the exercise ' Vigilant Guardian ", where an attack using an improvised nuclear bomb on the city of Phoenix is simulated. It is the largest exercise ever in Arizona; about 8000 people of more than 200 official bodies-including the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, TSA, the National Guard-. The scenario test plans for a mass evacuation, a large number of victims, the reaction of the medical services and the operation of public authorities after explode a nuclear bomb in Phoenix. In another phase of the exercise is a sudden flood simulated. (1)

False flag destruction of Hoover Dam

That is exactly what is going to happen according to Christian Jonathan Kleck. On his own YouTube channel, he explains why the following false-flag attack (according to him) on the Hoover Dam (on the border of Arizona and Nevada) is going to take place. Just like the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in 2001, he shows what looks like an alteration of the Hoover Dam on an American $50 Dollar Bill. Many of us have already seen the images of the still-standing Twin Towers on fire by folding a $20 dollar bill. On both the $5 and $10 dollar bill, the forthcoming attack on Hoover Dam can be seen. According to Kleck- who is convinced that Barack Obama is the antichrist- the blowing-up of the dam will finally bring in the ' new world order ' and the ‘end time’ be launched (2).

The Hoover Dam’s destruction will cause a wide spread electrical power outage. Looking at a map of the area, the devastating water wave that would be created by Lake Mead will move to the South and will likely cross to the border of Mexico. The great city of Phoenix is in the path, but it is also protected to some degree by the Rocky Mountains. It is therefore questionable whether the power elite can achieve their desired impact by (only) the destruction of the Hoover Dam.

EAS Test 11 and Pacific Tsunami Emergency System exercise

On November 9, the US will hold it’s first national/simultaneous Emergency Alert System test (EAS). At 1400 (eastern) for 3 1/2 minutes, all radio and TV channels are required to be disabled of their normal schedules (on pain of losing their broadcasting license). The EAS is in the case of a national emergency to allow the President to quickly warn all Americans as much as possible through the media and warn. Many find it a suspicious coincidence that the national emergency telephone call number- “911”- is also the mirror image of the chosen date 9/11 (or 11/9/11 as is written in America). Many also find it extremely suspicious given the incident of severe national emergency that occurred on 9/11/01. (3)

Partly coinciding with the test of the EAS system, on the 9th and 10th of November is “Pacific Wave 11”, the International Tsunami Exercise. It is striking that after the two previous times that this exercise was held-in 2006 in the Philippines and in Chile, and in 2008 in the northeast of Japan, - in or around these areas indeed tsunamis occurred: in Indonesia in 2006, not far from the Philippines, and in March 2011 in northeastern Japan (Fukushima disaster) (4). Chile was hit by a powerful earthquake in February 2010 just off the coast, causing tsunami waves(5).

Asteroid YU55 and ' Disclosure '

American NBC reported that scientists think that there is a 20-meter high tsunami which could emerge from the asteroid 2005YU55. This asteroid has been reportedly measured to be as large as an aircraft carrier and upcoming Tuesday November 8th, will be skirting the Earth(6). The well-known American conspiracy author Richard Hoagland thinks the asteroid could even be an artificially created celestial body (because of the unusual round shape of the asteroid) and could strike the Moon, with potentially serious consequences for the Earth (earthquakes/tsunamis, as fragments of the impact would hit the Earth).

In any case, Hoagland doesn’t believe the YU55 is going to hit Earth. He says that according to his sources, the United States Navy carried out extensive simulations to see if the asteroid would strike our planet. IF that were the case, it would be in the Pacific Ocean.

There is a fairly high probability that YU55 will miss the Moon by only a few hundred of kilometers. Hoagland further believes that this event will make it clear that the orbit of the asteroid has been artificially changed, and therefore a secret or ' black ' space program must exist, or extraterrestrials. ' We are on the verge of ' disclosure ' (the revelation that aliens exist), ' says the conspiracy author. (7)

Many reports of strange lights in the skies all over the world can go hand in hand with these indicators of ‘disclosure’. (9)(10)

11: 11 in Illuminati card game

The numbers 11: 11 can also be found on the infamous Illuminati card game from 1995, in which the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in 2001 were predicted/displayed. More recently, on the Bell-Tower card, we see the collapse of the Bell-Tower in the Japanese capital Tokyo, while it’s clock shows the minute hand between 10 and 11, and the small hand between the 2 and the 3. This can be interpreted to “3/11”, which was the date of Japan mega earthquake and tsunami in March, 2011, and can further be interpreted as “9/11” (please see card image from original article link above –Lisa).

Also various crop circles in recent times show the number combination 11-11. (8) Does this mean that on 11-11-11 an earth-shaking event is planned?

Into The Pit

According to some “New Agers”, the number combination 11-11 in crop circles signifies the opening of a ' cosmic ' portal and possibly the appearance of the “New Age Messiah” or the ' Christ consciousness '. Various Christians also believe that on that day a door to another dimension- described in Revelation 9: 2- could be opened. The “bottomless pit” being opened can’t lead to anything good for the inhabitants of Earth. The book of Revelations clearly states that evil creatures are to be released and are assigned to torment certain evil persons until they ‘seek death’ in relief.

Feature film 11-11-11

The new 11-11-11 film centers on exactly this topic. A man mysteriously survives an accident. His wrist-watch is damaged and remains at 11:11(11). Then he comes in contact with all sorts of supernatural situations and signals around the combination numbers 11: 11 and the date 11-11-11. And that is indeed a ' port ' open on that day that something horrible comes out. Anyway, next week Friday or Saturday we can conclude whether there is anything of the 11-11-11 heralded hype, or that the 'conspiratorial' theories are only fantasies.


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