Thursday, November 17, 2011

OWS=Obsessed With Stupidity; Henry LIEman still lies & promotes flu vaccine

Dr. Sowell Comments on OWS — SHORT AND SWEET!

It's official: Tim Alexander Earl of Stirling is a COMMUNIST:
"Support the Occupy Movement! Stirling".   

Also [still] official: Henry L. Niman PhD aka Henry LIEman is still a big fat ashkenazi khazarian edomite LIAR.  I listened to him on Rense last night spouting his nasally resonant bullshit, practically defending the CDC against Rense's allegations, and again promoting the flu vaccine - saying the target chosen has efficacy against multiple strains and the reason CDC hasn't said more about the H1N1 pandemic wave returns is that the vaccine has already started development and this way they can appear closer to the vaccine delivery when they ultimately do make the announcement - WHAT HORSECRAP.  Anyone who has studied the fully polymorphic recombinant characteristics of this lab-created chimera triple-triple reassortant SUPERVIRAL BIOWEAPON is fully aware that this thing is changing and morphing way too fast and now there exist literally hundreds of potentially lethal strains, none of which can possibly be isolated to create a vaccine - which even if vaccines did work would only address ONE of the many hundreds of deadly strains, and that number is increasing daily.

I personally say if anyone needs to be strung up and hit with the harshest judicial punishments known to mankind is is folks like this guy LIEman and his ashkenazi khazar pals over at Ft Detrick like Dr Jeffrey Taubenberger and pals.  Shame on anyone knowingly promoting a toxic injection to an unknowing public while falsely alleging its efficacy and obfuscating its potentially lethal side effects due to its toxic contents.

I took some time today to walk downtown SF and post some more flyers, and walked the perimeter of the SF encampment at Justin Herman Plaza, just at the moment when an organizer was calling to the crowd "mic check mic check" before leading a small parade of protesters and cameramen.  I was astonished at how these people lead the crowd by reciting things one line at a time, then the crowd follows in unison chanting the exact same line, like lemmings.

I was reminded of the following scene from the Monty Python movie Life of Brian:

Heat waves, floods and storms: Scientists warn world to prepare for extreme weather

WASHINGTON — Top international climate scientists and disaster experts meeting in Africa have a sharp message for the world's political leaders: Get ready for more dangerous and unpredictable weather caused by global warming [HAARP and chemtrail-influenced artificial weather manipulation. -ed]

They're calling for preparations that they say will save lives and money.

The experts fear that without preparedness, crazy weather extremes may overwhelm some locations, making them uninhabitable.

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