Monday, November 7, 2011

No you are NOT an American

I just saw this ten-year anniversary TV ad of 911 with all these people of different nationalities who can barely speak English saying "I am an American".


Listen you morons who are behind this ad, I was BORN here.  Raised here.  Speak ENGLISH as my FIRST language.

I was born of parents who were also BORN here.  THEY TOO spoke ENGLISH.

You friggin freeloading hippies supporting this DREAM Act have no clue.

No you are NOT Americans for the fact you came here as illegal aliens and now have funding for schools.

This is more communism propaganda from Soros and pals.  Period.

"America is having a blowout sale..."
-the late Kevin Gilbert from his final album The Shaming of the True

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  1. I agree. Throw out all the anchor babies and their criminal parents