Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More on the chimera zombie apocalypse viral bioweapon

I listened again to Dr True Ott's show this morning, as he recounted his having recently seen Contagion with his wife.  He talked about some of the huge lies presented in this film which the CDC had a heavy hand in scripting: that the virus occurred out of nature as a rabid silverhaired bat left droppings in food which a pig ate; that the vaccines were the cure-all, and that the character promoting naturopathic preventive remedies was a fraud and a criminal.  He noted that the film's producer Burns is the same guy who brought us the Inconvenient Truth film, selling us the lies from Al Gore of the "global warming" hoax.  He went on to describe also that in the film the sequence of events from initial outbreak from patient zero to full scale worldwide systematic breakdown with millions dead was from just before Thanksgiving in November to just before Christmas in December.  He also mentioned the NWO tenets of the Georgia Guidestones where the first goal etched in the stonehenge-resembling monoliths was a target world population of 500 million, a reduction of 6.5 billion.  He further stated that he believed strongly the target date for all this coincided with the ending of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012.  He also went on to mention Dr Patricia Jordan's remarks that the silverhaired bat rabies is something that develops from snake venom in animal bites, and that it could be possible the bioweapon is somehow coded to not affect those with a certain gene set, possibly from a particular bloodline.  He continued to say he was 100 percent certain that plans are in place now to release the bioweapon into the public, starting a chain of events similar to Contagion or Twelve Monkeys.  I called in for the final 30 minutes to comment about ashkenai khazarian Henry Niman and his Recombinomics, stating he asserts that H1N1 came out of nature spontaneously (we know from evidence it was developed in a pathology lab based on 1918 Spanish Flu samples dug up in 1997 from Alaskan permafrost by Dr Jeffrey Taubenberger and pals) and also that he is very pro-vaccine.  I learned something I did not know, and that is contrary to what folks like Dr Deagle and others represent about silver products (i had mentioned ionic silver), that infact they are only antibacterial and not antiviral.  At the end of the show Dr Ott began to describe his lomatium-based AquaVivos water product, which is indeed antiviral and protects cell walls from viral infection.  I hope to learn more.

On another note, I watched footage last nite of Michelle Bachman after her reciting the oath of office of POTUS, and I swear as God is my witness I saw her face shapeshift at the very end of the clip, exactly similar to so many of the on-camera shapeshifts caught on YouTube, some of which I have collected in the Film Library section of this site.  Yep, she's a reptilian shapeshifter alright, far as I am concerned.   I know what I saw and it wasnt any kind of video glitch.

Meanwhile my suspicions about Eileen Danneman (NCOW, Vaccine Liberation Army) seem to have been confirmed.  I got the roll of 250 stickers I sent for by sending the $6 s&h and in doing so somehow was added to her email list and I have been repeatedly spammed with pro-OWS, pro-Israel, and pro-Ron Paul emails, completely unsolicited.  Meanwhile I see her promoting Mayer Eisenstein, who I have long suspected had a say in cohercing Deagle to ask his wife to call me 20 minutes prior to a scheduled broadcast where she told me never to call into the show again without citing any reason.  Without having done much research other than to confirm the name Dannemann is indeed jewish, I suspect with more effort I will likely find she too is ashkenazi khazarian, a zionist disinfo agent.  Buyer beware.

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