Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shots fired, 1 dead at Occupy Oakland; Protestor suicide in Vermont; Journalists attacked by protestors

It was just bound to happen, just a matter of time.  Chances are good this was a non-OWS gang-related hit, but the victim ran to the encampment as if he may have been seeking protection - if that's the case, it didn't work.  Multiple shots fired, small caliber at close range, one dead black male, no more info at the present.  Gunman, so far unidentified, still at large.  Whether or not this was OWS related, this does not bode well for the Occupy Oakland folks.  I personally hope the police move in and break up their encampment for good.  Oakland mayor Jean Quan has publicly asked everyone to voluntarily leave tonight, offering vouchers to homeless shelters, which to me suggests that tomorrow might see some swift and decisive action to stomp out OWS in Oakland.  Businesses are suffering, transit is a mess, people are getting hurt including journalists, and now we have our first recorded OWS-related death.  Local polls apparently report that 63% of those asked want the Occupy Oakland freeloading hippies to leave.  I sure hope the rest of America catches on: that the public isn't buying this Soros-funded OWS bullshit.

WeAreChange - totally supporting OWS.  This group is co-opted up to their eyeballs and are likely funded by the same folks like Lewis and Soros.  No wonder they don't like having a guy like me around.  Interesting to see their insulting comments, that I am full of "hate".  Gee, that sure sounds like the language we see coming from groups like ADL and SPLC to those who are critical of Israel.  I'm not full of hate in the slightest - just unafraid to address the real truths, which includes the ashkenazi khazarian edomite caananite fake "jews".

Don't forget folks that the term NAZI is derived from the phrase NAtional ZIonist which was a movement, a political party no less, in Germany prior to WWII.  Yes, nazis are "jews" in the sense they are, wait for it.... yep, you guessed it: ashkenazi khazarians.  Don't forget also that Hitler [Heidler] was a "jew" whose grandmother coupled with a Rothschild while a servant girl in their house.  These fake "jews" thought nothing of rounding up some of their own bloodlines for execution simply for the fact they were vocally opposed to zionism.  Hence, it wasn't just "jews" who were rounded up for concentration camps [and certainly not six million - wayyyyy less], it was anyone who was perceived as anti-zionist.  No, the ashkenazi khazars have survived and adulterated history to sell the lie that they were singled out among all the rest to the tune of six million, when in fact their casualty numbers were comparable to just about any other ethnic group at the time, somewhere likely in the hundreds of thousands.  Today they label anyone critical of Israel a "jew hater" courtesy of ADL SPLC and AIPAC, and I will bet a dozen donuts that these are the same common threads connecting to WeAreChangeSF that allows such comments to be made toward me.

Friday is 11-11-11; happy eleveny-day everyone.  Brace yourselves and pray hard.

[since posting this I've gotten a few nasty emails all saying "Hitler wasn't a jew he was a jesuit-controlled roman catholic" - I'm not talking about religion folks, I'm talking about bloodline DNA.  read on]

Roman Catholicism - a bogus "Christian" faith whose dogma and doctrine is ultimately controlled by Edomite "Jews" was founded by descendents of the Roman Emperor Titus and his BABYLONIAN JEW EMPRESS Berniece - the daughter of King Herod Agrippa.

Very often Jew bloodlines "convert" to Catholicism in order to appear "Christian" to the gullible goyim, but in reality are members of the Synagogue of Satan. Follow the gene pools, and it becomes quite clear.

This is further evidenced by this piece published in 1918 by a Jewish biographer of Rothschild:


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An Important Message from the National Broadcast Department [AFTRA]

AFTRA is monitoring the recent incidents of attacks on journalists across the country covering the “Occupy” demonstrations. Last weekend AFTRA broadcasters at KGW in Portland were attacked while covering the Occupy Portland protests.

As with all incidents involving the safety concerns of our members, AFTRA is engaged with our employers to make sure that the proper precautions are being taken to protect broadcast journalists and that our members are being provided with the appropriate equipment and training to be able to safely report in the field. As these situations continue to develop, broadcast journalists covering any Occupy protest are encouraged to increase their personal vigilance while reporting in the field. If you have a specific concern about your personal safety or the safety of your colleagues, please contact your Local AFTRA representative or you may contact Mary Cavallaro in the AFTRA National Broadcast Department at

AFTRA has always championed for journalist safety and continues to advocate for our members on this very important issue. Since 2008, the AFTRA Foundation has served as the U.S. home of the International News Safety Institute (INSI), a global organization dedicated to the safety of journalists and other news professionals. INSI provides an online safety forum which can be viewed at INSI can also be followed on Facebook by clicking here.

Judith Matloff, North American Director of INSI recently reported to the AFTRA National Board and the AFTRA Broadcast Steering Committee regarding news safety. She will be travelling the country to discuss news safety for journalists, and AFTRA locals across the country are encouraged to participate. In light of the recent attacks on AFTRA members in Portland, Ms. Matloff provided us with a list of safety tips to be used while covering civil unrest. To see the complete list, click here.

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