Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vaccine documentary THE GREATER GOOD airs on CurrentTV this Saturday 3/24 at 1pm EST 12pm central

The Greater Good will have its WORLD PREMIER on Current TV on Saturday, March 24 @ 1pm EST. The screening will include a LIVE web chat.

Chem Trails Australian News Report

StarChild Fibers/ DNA Analysis and Morgellons Fibers Comparison

PDF:'s half-page flyer

Slick Barry’s Legalization of Slavery and Systematic Population Reduction

New Executive Order Seizes Total Control over Civilian Activities

Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness

Alert! Obama Declares Peacetime MARTIAL LAW – Executive Order Fully Explained

“We Are This Far From A Turnkey Totalitarian State" - Big Brother Goes Live September 2013

Pennsylvania flu cases drop by 97% over last year/

Medical societies fight CMS efforts to make CME funding more transparent 

Democratic Senators Issue Strong Warning About Use of the Patriot Act

A Message from Our Criminal Government: “We Got to Get Paid”

The Ultimate History Lesson

UK nuclear sites at risk of flooding - map

Election Process is RIGGED – There is no “Vote”

Remember Fukushima: Presenting The Radioactive Seawater Impact Map

Caution - Falling Currencies

Honeybee Deaths Linked to Corn Insecticides

CIA Chief: We'll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher

"You Are Here"

Ocean Radiation Plume Hits Hawaii From Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown

Israel issues ultimatum: Stop the missiles by Saturday night

Cameron: No justification for Israeli strike on Iran at this point

Iran offers 'Permanent Human Monitoring'

Israeli Foreign Minister Liberman to China: All options on the table for Iran

US Navy doubles the number of minesweeper warships in the Persian Gulf 

Gulf States close Embassies in Syria

Top Iran official: All options are on the table if our nuclear facilities are attacked

Iran Foreign Minister: Israeli strike would lead to its demise

French to withdraw large number of troops involved in UNIFIL on Lebanese-Israeli border

America and Israel will attack Iran anyway

Exercises in Terror Generation and Futility since 9/11/2001

Syrian Rebels are foreign-backed terrorists 8 Creepy Spy Technologies that can be Hitched to Your Neighborhood Drones

Mossad and CIA concur: Iran isn't seeking nukes

Syrian Rebels are foreign-backed terrorists

At least 27 killed as twin bombings strike Damascus security structures - with video and photos

Afghan Army Chief of Staff: Kandahar slaughter preplanned and executed by squad of men

Proposed UN Environmental Constitution For The World would establish an incredibly repressive system of Global Governance

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