Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today was chemtrail mix C in SF

Extremely clear skies today, except for the occasional sprayer plane crossing the sky.  Today's mix was designed not to cloud up, instead dissipating rapidly into an almost invisible mist at high altitude.  Groundlevel it looked like smog, almost unnoticeable.  As Im looking out to the horizon now as the sun sets, a few chemtrail wispy remnants line the skies just above the horizon, reflecting pink.  Im sure most are looking at them saying "oh what a pretty sunset".  Meanwhile Ive been hacking up dry chalky white phlegm all day long.  Hack cough spit repeat.

My Morgellons is still bugging the crap outta me, and during a visit today to my physician I showed the lesions and described my condition, and the CDC programmed response that it should be diagnosed as psychosomatic, "delusional parisitosis".  My MD today did not agree it was psychosomatic.  More as this story develops.  

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