Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting closer and closer to WWIII - days away?

Folks I don't know about you but I'm pretty darn concerned things are about to erupt with Syria and Iran, and the amount of death and destruction will be beyond anyone's imagination.  Now that Purim has come and gone along with the Russian (s)election, add to that the 100,000 - yes that's correct folks one hundred thousand - troops we just landed on islands off the strait of hormuz just within the past few weeks, and now the USS Enterprise on its way there, we are getting closer and closer to the moment beyond which there is no turning back, and it's all out thermonuclear and biological warfare, with US-led NATO pitted against Russia and China.  This is a fight we cannot win.  China has been planning to colonize the US for a long time, and Israel is lustful for the widespread death that will result from the chimera lab viruses which will be released from the retaliation (silver haired bat rabies mixed with smallpox and airborne influenza with 98 percent case fatality rate).  Pray for some divine intervention folks.

On another note I'm thinking about this US soldier who shot up a bunch of Afghani citizens in their sleep and I wonder to myself if he is MK.  Add to that the 5-day Harry Potter tv fest coming up on Wednesday and I really begin to think to myself, hmmmm.

Here's something my friend Dr. E sent along, if anyone has anything to add to this, please leave a comment below:

from a KOF as announced on Steve Qualye Internet radio show today ....March 9

Steve, I have a Special Forces Friend who lives in Kalispell Montana He just called me with major news...... He has a Friend who works in the Prison System in Montana. They have been told by Big Gov to be ready for an event to take place from March 13-23. This event will be very earth shattering. They have been told to stock up on 6 Months worth of Food, Diesel, Medical Supplies, Water and other needed supplies! This Special Forces Friend is not a Person who gets His feathers ruffled. He was shocked to say the least!

Ahmadinijad: 'West anti-Iran options can remain on table till they rot' ~ link ~ Iran talks like it has a strategic MAD against all of its enemies and it does...its massive Advanced Biowar capabilities!!! Stirling

India: Bihar state steps up surveillance over H5N1 spread

U.S. alert as Taliban vows to avenge Afghan deaths

US military unveils non-lethal heat ray weapon (aka the MTHEL)

The WTO attempts to control the food chain

3/11/2012 — Scalar Square and HAARP ring outbreak = Kentucky , Ohio, W. Virginia  

Swine flu vaccine families mull joint Pandemrix lawsuit

Open letter to DG, WHO - Pentavalent vaccine related deaths

US: A way to fight NDM-1?

Another unfortunate GMO incident….

“A New Reformation”

Aircraft Carrier Enterprise Sets Off On Final Journey - Direction Iran

3/11/2012 — Tornado WARNINGS and Watches — South USA — heading northeast

Sal Alinsky, Steven Spielberg & Hollywood’s Powerful King Solomon Edomites Exposed!

Grantz: IDF will continue to retaliate to rocket fire

Israel: Jihad Islami will pay dear if Fajr missiles fired

Israeli airstrikes kill 18 Palestinians in three days

US and Allies ... Triple Alliance ... begin talk of potential military intervention in Syria

Haaretz: Netanyahu's conspiracy to drag the US to war

US significantly ramps up covert war against Iran

Iranian Ambassador to France: Attack on Iran Will Have Unthinkable Outcome for Israel

Chinese J-20 Mighty Dragon 5th Generation Stealth Fighter - with video

The Chemtrail Smoking Gun – Proof of Global Geoengineering Projects

Switzerland Relax, meteorologists say it’s just water vapor …

Dutch Since Exposes the Covert World of Chemtrails, Weather Manipulation and Scalar Weapons

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