Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cloud cover used as camouflage for heavy chemtrail dumps

Still going strong in the skies above SF.  Hack, cough, spit, repeat.

As I'm watching tonight's news coverage of the LRAD (long range acoustical device) "nonlethal" crowd control microwave-dish-on-a-hummer "active denial" system I am reminded of what they aren't telling us about this story: that (1) the only thing that makes this thing nonlethal is the dial setting to "stun" instead of "fry" and (2) there are lots of custom settings this thing has that can blind you, shut down a particular organ's function, make you crap your pants, or incinerate you to a crisp.  This story does not discuss the MTHEL (mobile tactical high energy laser) [download the PDF] that can take out inbound missiles with a laser mounted atop a truck - the drive-around miniature version of the MIRACL satellite chemical laser (used to cause the initial explosions of the DeepSeaHorizon leading to the still ongoing gulf oil catastrophe).

My thoughts on the Jet Blue pilot Osbon who flipped out on a flight just after taking off from JFK headed to Vegas the other day: is it unreasonable to consider a personality switch to an "alter" under MK programming?   It certainly would not be the first time we had ever seen such a display (I think we are seeing quite a bit from "Mittens" Romney every day).  MMS sure is ignoring the multiple outcries of "Israel" the pilot made.  My mind recalls a recent news story of a flight attendant exhibiting very similar behavior prompting action from passengers to subdue her as well.

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