Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kane files false DMCA claim of copyright infringement - again

The Edomite bopsie twins are at it again.  Purple Gang Horowitz and Sherri "Crack" Caananite are once again filing false DMCA claims with the host of my blog, claiming that by publishing the video footage below I am in violation of copyright.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Certain posts were temporarily removed from being published to draft status, and have now been re-posted with the falsely challenged video content removed.  I have filed a DMCA counter-claim with the host and expect to have the posts' video content restored promptly.

With the continued attacks coming from these Edomite agent-provocateurs, I have no problem showing the world the true nature of these cruel backstabbing liars, which they want very much to hide from the public, instead portraying themselves as crusaders for health - promoting a very dangerous "love" frequency of 528 (the real healing frequency is 728) and publishing slanderous lies about truthful researchers whom they consider a threat for exposing the truth of who they really are: edomite infiltrators into the "truth" movement, likely working for the very cointelpro they accuse me and so many others of being.  Not knowing the first thing about me at all, they have resorted to making stuff up to suit their agenda, levying all sorts of false allegations about me along with a number of others.  Most recently they have published a fake "criminal complaint" they claim to have filed with the FBI - a complete and utter hoax.

Since we are on the topic of copyright infringement: let us not forget the Kane and Horowitz are guilty of at least one count of copyright infringement by illegally publishing the following photo, doctored with their likenesses placed into it, an image owned and copyrighted by Getty Images:

Anyone seen lately?  Does anyone think that Horowitz had express written permission from the copyright owners to offer altered duplicates of commercial recordings?  Remember what happened to and Napster?  They got their pants sued off of them.

Sherri Kane does NOT own the copyright to the footage in the video below.  RJ Hampton does, and RJ has provided me with EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION which has been notarized and which I have in my personal possession, to use and publish this footage.

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