Monday, March 5, 2012

Israel's sabre-rattling against Iran crescendos, the climax is just around the corner.

The Edomites who have blackmailed american political and military systems are having their endgame heyday as they reassert their allegiances from their so-called allies within the US and elsewhere.  I say the term ally loosely, because in reality the only reason we as a nation have ever backed Israel is having bowed to nuclear blackmail, so calling one's blackmailer an ally is really a cover story for instead saying "someone help please I'm being blackmailed into activities that are not in the best interest of America" - which if anyone blurted that our at the current AIPAC conference just concluding in the District of Criminals, theyd likely be quickly removed and detained indefinitely with no habeus corpus in a military detention center in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, any of the over 400 large scale bases built across the nation in preparation for upcoming civil unrest by design.  With the new NDAA now in full effect as of March 1 it remains to be seen just what actions are taken under the jurisdiction of this new "executive order" and who are the first american civilian targets they go for, including the tactical execution of the plan, the developers behind the plan, and the fallout from making the operation go live and the examination of the playing out of the actual live operations, its actual impacts on several monitored vectors, and the observation of any and all anomalous events and conflicts and other unforeseen surprises..

Israel;s president Shimon Peres is in San Francisco today, and will be speaking I believe at Temple Emmanuel on Arguello and Lake right hear the Presidio entrance, right next to SF's ritiziest cul-de-sac in a gated community called Presidio Terrace.   A small circular island in the middle of a few houses and a circular one-way street around it with rows of houses surrounding the island from across the street, encircling the center island creating outer perimeter, which is fenced off nicely as its primary adjacent property is a war vet convalescent home on a big piece of property.  The Pelosis lived on the middle island as I was growing up, and used to go to their house when the pelosi kids my age threw parties.  Also had some friends in there the Guggenheim family, and the parents of a few other classmates.   But the most significant house was dual-israeli citizen and sitting mayor of san francisco, Dianne Feinstein, whose house borders the Temple Emmanuel property on the north side.   I submit that they sold this to the public as a place to worship their judaic religion, but i grew up in this neighborhood and these people have endless money and have rigged these buildings up with supercomputers high end nightvision facial recognizing video cameras and a ton of other top secret security hardware.  Meaning there is something extremely valuable going on inside worth protecting to extreme measures.

Peres is here while the AIPAC conference in DC concludes, affirming the blackmail Israel asserts on US politicians and military commanders, in plain language.  They now demand we follow their attacks about to happen against Iran, and have resorted to nuclear blackmail to ensure no one fails to play along as the price for noncompliance will be instant career death, probably followed by a professional assassination made to look like an accident.

I was talking over dinner with radio talkshow host Michael Savage the other night about Michael Breitbart and he was asking what if he was murdered, how could it be done in  an untraceable way.   I spoke up and folks of my late CIA uncle who was likely given a lethal dose of a secret cia chemical painted in the handlebars of his lawnmower, which biodegrades quickly and leaves no trace within hours which gives its victim a lethal heart attack some minutes later.  There all all sorts of variations on these chemical killers, lots of highly paid microbiologists at Ft Detrick Plum Island and the like worked hard for years developing this stuff.  The CIA repository of untraceable kill bioweapons is probably just like the warehouse at the end of the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.  He told me he was still banned from going to the UK.   He asked me about some of my research and I spoke of Edomites, and he asked "whats an edomite" and I explained its a descendant of Esau not Jacob, he rolled his eyes and said "so you mean jews" then changed the subject and began saying things very pro-israel.  I left him my flyer and invited him to call me - not like im expecting him to.  Im noticing edomites like to dress in all black head to toe, many with the jew-rimmed fedora.

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