Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Story Behind The Story continues as we enter PURIM

As TME has returned so has TSBTS.  Following are the most recent shows which I have archived.  As I continue to record more shows I will process and post them on TSBTS archives page.

Right about now begins the edomite "Purim" where they celebrate a day of rest after killing their enemies, predominantly Christians.  Let's hope this does not signify the imminent bombing of Iran by Israel.  Pray.

05 Mar 2012 The Story Behind The Story with A. True Ott PhD
28 Feb 2012 The Story Behind The Story with A. True Ott PhD
27 Feb 2012 The Story Behind The Story with A. True Ott PhD
24 Feb 2012 The Story Behind The Story with A. True Ott PhD 

The Alex Jones Machine - Round 2

Meryl Nass MD refusing to suffer vaccine fools gladly

Iowa passes outrageous law demanding total secrecy over factory meat filth and cruelty practices

PROMIS and the shadow government,%20Radar%20Magazine.pdf

Researchers Develop a Speech-Jamming Gun That Can Silence People From a Distance

Mk-Ultra: The President’s Raped Me!

WHO on two new H5N1 cases in Bangladesh

GMOs – The New Green Revolution – Graphic

Mystery Illness Kills Three in Maryland Family

Netanyahu Speech at AIPAC – Sounds Like WW III to Me!

Edomite Agents Spewing Lies and Disinfo – Horowitz and Kane Classic Examples

The War Prayer – America’s Corrupt and Lying Pastors

Edomite Satanism in Action

Bradley Manning revealed information of major international import/ Bill Blum

Before making generalizations about vaccines, learn some facts

Early diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccination associated with higher female mortality and no difference in male mortality/ Arch Disease Childhood

Common toxic exposures can affect future generations/PLOS

Are we headed for a 'Bay of Pigs' in Iran? 

Super Tuesday Super Rhetoric: GOP hopefuls tell AIPAC they support Iran attack - with videos 

Israel is ready to attack Iran, but are the Israelis? 

US bunker-busters, aerial refueling for Israel alongside diplomacy for Iran  

Israeli Cabinet Minister demands air, sea blockade on Iran 

Netanyahu Calls the Shots 

WAR: Marching toward Syria: Eyes cast on Iran 

$1 billion of TSA scanners made worthless by Blog - with video           

Obama’s Lies And Denials About Where He Was Born Go On And On

Is New Magnetic Motor Generating 400% Over Unity a Reality? 

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