Thursday, March 1, 2012

Horowitz and Kane continue their attacks - on The Micro Effect, Dr. Ott and me.

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Edomite Agents Spewing Lies and Disinfo – Horowitz and Kane Classic Examples

A few days ago someone named Lewinski apparently posted to A. True Ott's blog that by leap day his radio show would be taken down.  As it turns out, the entire radio network at The Micro Effect has been taken out.  This comes just as a note from Eileen Danneman contains statements from Sherri "Crack" Caananite that she has just "busted" the "lying cointelpro agent" Anthony Hilder, and that next on the list is A. True Ott PhD, whom they claim is operating under a false name with false credentials.   What a load of horsecrap.  I spoke with Dr Ott at length today and the story is that Joe McNeil's T1 lines were cut off as he was presented with a suprise bill from his provider for $20,000 which he refuses to pay.  The same thing occurred to Dr Ott back in 2001 and he learned the hard way the bad thing is to fight this, as every day off the air seals the permanence of being off the air with customers, listeners, and mostly - advertisers.  The best thing is to pay the fee, and challenge it in court once the service is back up and running.  It appears that Joe is not going to pay the fee, and in doing so will likely cut off his nose to spite his face and thus end up permanently killing The Micro Effect.  I am assisting Dr Ott with an alternative solution so that he may continue broadcasting, and there is a possibility he may be back on the air as soon as tomorrow.  He had intended to bring on Susan Lindauer and other guests in follow-up to the double-helix water show he broadcast on the 28th, accompanied by a blog post which explains this very important revolutionary water technology.

Relating to a paper which Dr. Ott developed in the late 90s called Harmonic Resonance, it appears that someone associated with Horowitz named Charlene Boehm has plagiarized the paper and copyrighted it with their name in 2003, and is now suing Dr. Ott over the same copyright, despite the fact that Ott can show his development research behind the paper well before the date of the plagiarized copyright.   It was apparently in this paper's development that it was clearly shown that the 528 "love frequency" being promoted by Horowitz indeed is highly destructive to DNA, and that the truthfully healing frequency is instead 728, a frequency which is integral in the successful implementation of the double-helix water technology.  It now becomes quite clear that Lenny boy is behind this malicious attack as well.

Dr. Joseph (Joey) Puleo and A. True Ott PhD compiled those frequency numbers stated in the Harmonic Resonance paper pursuant to the development of the Photon Sound Beam and the 728 Healing Frequency from 1997-1998. Dr. Puleo shared this info with Horowitz and they compiled the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse - copyright given 1999. It seems highly likely that Boehm received Ott's paper from Horowitz and/or Puleo sometime in 1999.  Now they are accusing Ott of criminal plagiarism.

Dr Ott has forwarded me what appears to be a criminal complaint filed by Horowitz with the FBI that lists him, a number of others, and ME as conspiratorial gangstalkers accusing us of hate crimes.  I have yet to review this personally, but I am told this complaint somehow lists me as being under investigation for the arrest of someone else last year who was charged with possession of child pornography - a false claim - for the fact that I spoke a few words of defense on the person's behalf on a local TV news interview at the time.   So many outrageous claims are presented - at least what I heard over the phone - that I cannot believe anyone could ever take any of these claims seriously.  It is my contention that these are empty threats, no such paperwork has been filed with the FBI just like the threats we got back in 09 from "Jane Burgermeister" who claimed to have filed charges with the FBI - which turned out to be completely false.

I find it particularly funny that in this email from "Crack" Kane she calls Dr Ott "NSA COINTELPRO" - which to any educated researcher is rather an oxymoron.  FBI founded the cointelpro division under Hoover, and who did these two file their complaint with allegedly?  The FBI.  Do the math folks.  Anyone familiar with Dr Ott and his research knows darn well he exposes the truth of the NSA and does not work for them, nor is he an employee of the FBI's cointelpro division.  Pure horsecrap.  As far as I am concerned, if Im allegedly working for either nsa or cointelpro someone forgot to tell someone in payroll and somewhere theres a pile of paychecks waiting for me.  Unless of course its fabricated bullshit.  You decide.

It is clear that the gloves are off, and that these two edomite zionists are pulling out all the stops they can muster to attack the broadcast channels which carry Dr Ott's radio show, and the credibility of any who associate with him.  This seems to be consistent with the upcoming edomite "jewish" festival of Purim which begins sundown on March 7, celebrating the killing of the Edomite enemies, predominantly Christians.

All I can say is we must have been hitting the nail on the head quite squarely regarding the actual truth of these two for them to act in such a manner, in particular to create the highly libelous site full of lies Horowitz created called   More on this later.

The latest from Dr Ott is that he may remain off the air.  Time will tell if TME returns, but for now The Story Behind The Story will not be broadcasting.  I intend to post the most recent archives which should include the Feb 28 show focusing with guests on the double helix water technologyStay tuned.

Here is the latest in the series of lies and false accusations from the Edomite bopsie twins:


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  1. Thanks for this. Sherri Kane threatened me too over youtube with an FBI investigation after I questioned Horowitz and his exceptance of a Knighthood into the Orthodox Order of Knights Hospitalliers of St. John of Jerusalem. I found out recently that even that was all another fraud. The guy giving out the award was a phony who bought his degree from a joke institute. I guess they all deserve eachother. I'll have to look more into it if I can be bothered. I think we all know this Sherri Kane is a nutcase, a complete phony and fake whistle-blower. The only thing she blows is you know what.
    Anyway Horowitz deleted my comments and blocked me from his channel like a coward. The video was entitled American Jew Hating Terrorist Cointelpro compremized. It was full of lies, accusations that they could be sued for and contradictions. I'm sure you are well aware of that, reading through your blog. Obviously it was some kind of damage control and counter intelliigence operation, just from the establishment language used like 'American Terrorist' promoting this false paradigm of domestic terrorist propaganda.

    Take care and keep up the good work. I'll try and get my friend to mention this on his radio show.

    Jon (kingswinnbad on youtube)