Monday, August 1, 2011

The former website was abruptly shut down by Wordpress after false allegations of "copyright infringement" and being given no chance to challenge the false claims

Ted Gunderson, former LA Station Chief of FBI, has died at age of 82 from cancer.

Also see:  TRUTH REVEALED – 528 is the Frequency of SATURN/SATAN — NOT OF CHRISTIAN “LOVE”

Turns out Scary Pain is reportedly a heavy CRACK ADDICT which explains a lot of her irrational and lashing out behavior.  Also turns out Lenny had a blood relative in the Jewish "Purple Gang" mafioso hit squad... these two are nothing less than mobsters.   No wonder they photo'd themselves in such costume.  Things that make one go hmmmm.

Thanks to the false allegations of copyright violation, "gangstalking" and other ridiculous claims from Lenny "Horrorwitch" and "Scary Pain" - who are squirming from the embarrassment of my most recent video production - to the host company of my Wordpress account, the Wordpress folks have arbitrarily decided to censor my voice and suspend my account and all the years of research collected at the site.

I still have as the domain name and have redirected it to a brand new blog hosted at - I suspect fully that Len and Sherri will continue their false claims to the new host and am preparing to dig deep into my empty pockets and pay for my own hosting real estate and the burden of programming all my entries manually via HTML.  I am committed to bringing the public my views of untruths and my theses about what is really going on, along with my original commentary. 

Please excuse the mess while I attempt to clean this mess up.  Please continue to visit and contribute, and thank you all who have supported me so far in this 25+ year journey.

Alex S., your humble host of

Unbelievable.  Somehow these two got their tentacles into the offices of Wordpress and convinced them that I was posting a copyright violation in the video which I created and posted, and without even checking with me to validate their claim, and without responding to my MANY attempts to contact them, this is the response I received from Wordpress:

> I have every right to post these videos they are original creations out of my own production studio utilizing footage from the public domain of two very public figures.  The editorial commentary and production of the video is all my own copyright.

"You have reposted content you were instructed to remove from your site under a DMCA notice. In addition, you have spammed our support system with an unreasonable number of demands.

Your blog has been suspended and will not be returned to you.
Ryan M.
Terms of Service Enforcement Lead | Automattic"

Aint that just peachy?  All those years of collected research - unavailable.  Good thing I have backups.
It will take me quite some time to re-upload content, so I am going to proceed with normal posts as I usually post - a collection of daily article links and my commentary.

For good measure I will continue to post links to the video in question, which demonstrates the lies and hypocrisy of Lenny Horrorwitch and his slut sidekick Scary Pain, which I made myself from public domain footage in my own production studio, and to which I own the overall copyright.

Stay tuned for more as I continue to bring this page up to speed.  -alex

Latest from Scary Pain: she writes having "reported" me to FBI.  I am trembling in my boots.

Barbra Hartwell (Babbles Fart-Smell) aka Barbra Politis Exposed

Who’s Who In the Zoo – By Dr. Truess (Rhymes with Seuss)

Part Human/Part Animal Hybrid monsters are being created by scientists all over the Planet [this is how the end of Atlantis and Lemuria began playing itself out]

Supreme Court case re-establishing state sovereignty


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  1. Hi Alex,

    That was inevitable... they would have taken you down for one reason or another due to the nature of your excellent research...

    But, going from wordpress blogs to google's is not really a good idea since google censors and takes down people even more.

    Why don't you host your site at a hosting company instead of relying on those corrupt/CIA controlled institutions?

    Is it possible to get in touch with you directly by email, there is a couple of things I'd like to talk to you about privately.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Not surprised that your Website got taken down since Politis Hartwell in particular has long ties with the CIA and is without a doubt a disinfo agent.

    It's also interesting to note that in the past you have been able to criticize Horowitz and Kane without losing your Website.

    Suddenly they join ranks with Hartwell and your site gets taken down.

    More proof in my opinion that Hartwell is connected to some very dangerous people who control the media.

    Best of luck to you.

    Another COINTELPRO target who's had it with this government and its lies.

  3. Hi Jean-Pierre and thanks for your comment. Please send any correspondence via email to my dedicated blog email which is - and make sure to leave a comment letting me know youve sent the email as I dont always check the email at that address. -alex

  4. this DEATH THREAT just in from an anonymous comment (sounds like Sherri to me):

    "Ott’s leading dog propagandist, Alex Studer Stooger, is another government stooge that recently lost his entire blog for his big fat mouth and theft. They will all be floating in the river soon enough."