Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Northern California Chemtrail Assault Continues in Overdrive

Events in the Middle East continue to move towards a General Middle East War that will almost certainly involved the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction on all sides.  In fact the use may happen as early as the first day of hostilities.  
The Global Banking Cartel and the nutty Netanyahu Government are determined to jump start a war against Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine/Gaza.  The Libyan War gambit, that is getting the United Nations to authorize some action against Syria, failed a few days ago.  Now, following the visit of the American Defense Secretary to the Middle East, we have the phony "Hollywood B Grade Movie Script" assassination plot by Iran on the Saudi Arabian Ambassador driving events.  

The bottom line is that the neocons, which effectively still control American strategy, and Bibi Netanyahu are determined to take out the remaining Middle East nations that are not under the thumb of NATO and Israel.  The Global Banking Cartel families, have long planned on and need a new global war to bring about the total world-wide chaos that they will utilize to install their satanic New World Order.  

Over the last three weeks there have been large scale reserve mobilizations of Israeli troops and limited mobilizations of Turkish troops on the border with Syria.  Clearly something big is 'underfoot'.  

The massive heavy airlift USAF "drill" beginning this Monday is centered on the Middle East and is most likely designed to 'top off' key military material needed for a General Middle East War.   

The movement of the USS John C Stennis super-carrier battle group is another tip-off that something large and very dangerous is about to happen.  The USS Stennis has a larger than normal complement of 7 supporting warships including guided-missile cruisers, destroyers and frigates along with its high-tech Carrier Air Wing CVW-9.  Additional battle fleets are in the area.  This link is to a video overview of the USS Stennis.

If you live in the Middle East, now is a good time to take an overseas trip.  If you cannot do this, prepare as best you can for nuclear/advanced-biological/chemical/radiological/advanced conventional warfare.  Immediately stock up on as much food, water, daily household items, medicine for as many months as you can.

Globally, people should also consider stocking up on food/water/necessary supplies as the threat of Advanced Biowar spreading throughout the world, along with high levels of radiation, is real.  If a General Middle East War breaks out, expect the price of oil to climb to the stratosphere and the already damaged global economy to collapse.
Now is a good time to get closer to God.

(Tim Alexander, Earl of Stirling)

Today is a very, very sad day on many fronts.  Today, at a funeral gathering attended by over 4000, violence somehow erupted: heated words were reportedly exchanged, a punch was thrown, and the person who got punched pulled out a pistol and shot the other guy dead, right there in the middle of the crowd with everyone watching.  I myself had considered going, as I had many friends who were there today, but work obligations prevented me from attending.  I can only imagine the state I'd be in if I had been witness to this horrible act.  My heart goes out to all who were there to experience this tragedy and to the friends and family - in particular the four children - of the slain victim.  Not to mention those of the person everyone was there to bury who'd been shot in the back weeks earlier.  RIP, L&R

I'm editing up recent chemtrail footage shot over the course of the past few days, and should be able to post it here soon.  As is par for the course, the spray operations seem to ramp up before during and after oncoming storm systems.  It seems to me that the stormclouds provide a type of camouflage against which ramped-up spray operations can take place; it also appears to me likely that the clouds are probably absorbing many of the aerosol contaminants and providing a mass delivery system through the precipitation of rain.  This to me could possibly offer an explanation as to why I witness several different varieties of chemtrails, in particular some which are seemingly consistently related to the onset of storm systems.  Debunking disinfo-agent chemtrail deniers will probably say this is "cloud seeding" and argue this is acceptable behavior despite there being no disclosure or accountability.

Anytime I see Julian Assange doing anything, red flags go up in my mind, because I have reason to suspect he is working for zionist Mossad.  To see him marching in the crowd in London, and then to see Danny Glover here in Oakland cheering on the protesters, makes me want to take pause for a long "hmmmmmmmmmmm."  Danny Glover lives in a veritable mansion in Ashbury Heights on the edge of a park, and his entire fortune is the product of sugar-daddies from corporate Hollywood, some of the very entities the #Occupy movement is protesting against.  Sorry, but just because he is black does not make him one of the 99 percent, so that he can join a bandwagon and grandstand at the Oakland protests.  I dont trust him or Assange as far as I can throw either of them, and for this I suspect there is an organized lettered-agency level infiltration operation going on within this movement - worldwide - which I further suspect will give rise to more agent-provocateurs inciting more acts of violence and vandalism, pushing the crowds over the line from peaceful protests to angry riots, which will quickly escalate into "civil unrest" and the declaration from Slick Barry that a new "national emergency" has forced his hand to enforce military rule and martial law on the streets of America.

I suspect this is all timed to culminate in the spring, where likely we will also see the convergence of the other elements of the "perfect storm" including the imminent worldwide currency devaluations, release of newer and more virulent bioweapons, the eruption of either a falseflag "natural disaster" or a domestically detonated nuke blamed on iran, and finally WAR as Israel commences it's attack on Iran.

Wag The Dog, on steroids.

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