Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The uselessness of political protests

As I type this the SF version of this "movement" has surrounded the headquarters of Wells Fargo; protesters are blocking the entrance to the building, and some are being arrested.

Everyone should read the following few articles from Freeman, and peruse more of his recent collections of articles over at his site.  Like I said before, this #occupy business is likely not going to do anything but further the agenda to bring about a police state by creating "civil unrest".  If you people out there want real change, you have to use the courts and your voting power - nothing else matters; if you resort to riots and violence, you will be met with stronger military force and while you think you can defend against such a scenario, you will find out - likely the hard way - that you were wrong.

Watching Eric Holder talk about "confessions" from this alleged iranian "terror suspect" then watching the pasty-faced lying sonofabitch Robert Mueller sell us the lie on TV that the FBI foiled a plot to murder the saudi ambassador to the US... makes me think about MK/Monarch and how easy it would be for a programmed subject to be triggered into such action as confession.  Heck, they perfected that technique way back in Vietnam and Korea.  Just breaking - the nigerian "underwear bomber" suddenly pleads guilty to his charges: cmon folks you gotta be kidding me, of course this guy is MK.  This is not rocket science.

9/11 Attack Put You on Front Line in War on Terror

JPL says, Comet Elenin Poses No Threat to Earth – Closest Pass Oct. 16, 2011

Time cloaking is possible using an electro-optic modulator

Ancient Technology of the Future

Catholics Oppose New Law Allowing Kids' Vaccines Without Parental Permission

FDA Decision Will Lead To First Ever Genetically-Modified Animal For Consumption

Contraceptive Injections Double HIV Infection Risk in Study
Pakistan: Dengue claims six more lives in Lahore

U.S. aims to "unite the world" against Iran

Big Trouble Brewing

Put A Fork In It: Greece Effectively Shuts Down As Finance Ministry To Begin 9 Day Strike
War, Economic collapse & the diversion of the Iranian theatre

TS Radio with guest: Bryce Shonka of 10th Amendment Center

Japan Times: High levels of strontium-90 detected 250 km from meltdowns — Officials “carefully examining where the isotope came from”

WSJ: High levels of radioactive material concentrating in Tokyo, Yokohama — 50 times more than gov’t found — 2.71 microsieverts per hour on sidewalk

Japan Radiologist: Radiation can cause mutations like “fingers growing out of a shoulder”, other deformities in future humans (VIDEO)

It’s the “duty” of scientific community to reduce public’s fear, anxiety about radiation — No health danger from 876 millisieverts a year? (VIDEO)

Report: Worker dies while decontaminating in Fukushima

Increasing number of horrified parents in Tokyo-area, as young children enjoy “radioactive autumn” outdoors — Accused of being “monster parent” if concerned

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