Friday, October 28, 2011

Morocco Reports Hypermorphism on pH1N1 HA and NA Fragments

[ed note: It really gets my goat to hear Dr Bill Deagle and Tim Alexander (Earl of Stirling) vocalizing their support of #OWS.   Either they too are Marxist supporters or they are just ignorantly unaware of the powers behind the movement funding it into action: ACORN and the house of Rothschild.  Deagle talks of his son joining the protests and Alexander continues to post blogs sympathetic to the freeloading hippies that make up this "movement".  True colors are being shown; observe, all.

It REALLY gets my goat to see the fatass lying disinfo agent filmmaker Michael Moore speaking at the OWS protest today in Oakland.  At the start of his career he lied to us all and subverted the truth through his film "Fahrenheit 9/11" and now today he continues to show us what a commie bastard he really is by showing support of these Rothschild-funded "protests".  Wish I had been there to throw a pie in his lying fat face.

Finally it continues to perturb me that so many are enamored with the personality cultist Ron Paul, a 33rd degree Master Mason, whose purpose as an agent for the Masons is to serve as a "pressure release valve" in giving the public the false illusion that they have a voice in Congress.  Paul wants to end the Fed alright - and replace it with yet another private banking cartel instead of return the right to mint currency to the US Treasury.]

On 2011-10-25, the Institute Pasteur of Morocco deposited a group of human pH1N1 sequences at GenBank and GISAID. HA segments include 14 fragments. The NA segment is represented with 15 fragments, 7 that are related to a deposited HA fragment. All sequences are marked geographically as Casablanca. The sample dates span 2010-12-20 to 2011-04-01 with no specification of treatment protocol, clinical progression or clinical outcome.

Hypermorphic behaviour is found on 71% of the sequences that have both HA and NA segments, notwithstanding the fact that both segments are fragments across this deposit. These 5 hypermorphic representatives are on two separate lineages. Multi-clade hypermorphism in a single geography and within a contemporaneous time span merits close evaluation.


10 - Clade2: 188T
01 - Clade4: 128D
03 - Clade5: 208K_219V

HA 84 Polymorphisms Averaging ~6.0 per Segment Fragment
NA 118 Polymorphisms Averaging ~7.9 per Segment Fragment

HA and NA 202 Total Polymorphisms Averaging ~13.9 per Sequence (Fragments)

Hypermorphic Behaviour

04 HA Fragments >= 7 polymorphisms (29%)
13 NA Segments >= 7 polymorphisms (87%)

Combined Polymorphic Count >= 15
5 of 7 Sequences with HA and NA Fragments (71%)
Total (HA / NA)

16 (HA 09 / NA 07): [EPI340881] MoroccoCasablanca117_10m_2011_02_15
16 (HA 07 / NA 09): [EPI340860] MoroccoCasablanca91_15mM_2011_02_02
16 (HA 05 / NA 11): [EPI340866] MoroccoCasablanca69_11F_2011_01_26
16 (HA 09 / NA 07): [EPI340876] MoroccoCasablanca23_3F_2011_01_13
15 (HA 09 / NA 07): [EPI340868] MoroccoCasablanca63_47F_2011_01_20

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