Thursday, October 27, 2011

VIDEO Flyering the OccupySF encampment and downtown

It was real great to hear Dr Ott mention my flyer on his show this morning. I had sent it out to all my lists and this morning printed out my own and went and made up a thousand or so of them on bright day-glo orange paper, then went downtown and walked Market Street from City Hall all the way down to Justin Herman Plaza where the encampment was. 

So much for freedom of speech:  OWS campers tore my flyers down and "flagged for removal" the post I had linked to the link at the bottom of the flyer, forcing me to redo the artwork and post new links.  Tomorrow will be a "green" day.  ;-)  One guy even accosted me after tearing down my flyers, saying I had no right to go against their movement.  I corrected him and reminded him of the same 1st amendment that the OWS movement was in such support of, and wasnt it just hypocritical of him to tear down my flyers.  Some passer-by strangers got involved and some elder lady totally schooled the guy along with several others who totally made the guy walk away with his tail between his legs.  Nothing better than a good public SHAMING to set a person straight.

Lew Rockwell Writes — The 1%

Baxter Healthcare withdraws flu vaccines in alert over side-effects

The propaganda created by outsourced - COINTELPRO and their "Agent Provocateurs" is suspected in playing a role in the conduct of some police. The various law enforcement agencies are Unaccountable By Contract and that is also believed to be a part of the problem.

Good Cops Gone Bad and Police Brutality at Occupy Protests

An in depth blog of my R&D on this subject. Please understand that I do have macular degeneration and that I am posting some stories as "dots to connect" for others that have an interest in this - TK

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Fukushima worker has heart attack while working at Reactor No. 1 — Only 31 years old (VIDEO)

Yomiuri: Local gov’t near Tokyo unable to handle “such a high level of radiation” — Cesium clouds spread over many areas of capital — 57 ┬ÁSv/hr area yet to be decontaminated

Physician: Does Fukushima fallout explain rise in blood clots? — Circulatory diseases one of most widespread consequences after Chernobyl

Local TV: 120 microsieverts per hour at major Japanese train station — “The color of the trees were changed” (VIDEO)

French Gov’t: Fukushima to make Pacific TWICE as radioacitve as after atmospheric nuclear testing in ’60s — “Significant” releases could persist

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Startling revelations from a Swiss banking insider

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Iran and Israel Caught - Partnering in "Attack" Ploy

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