Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And still MORE followup on Soros, Lewis, Progressive Insurance and #OWS

“Go with the Flo?” You Know – “Flo” – the Ditzy Helmet-Haired Progressive Minion!

Attention Friends:

Now that I have exposed where a goodly percentage of Progressive Insurance Inc.’s corporate profits are funneled, thanks to the ethnic persuasion and new-world-order-worldview of Soros-buddy Chairman Lewis, perhaps you will be interested in seeing the direction “Progressive” is heading as a company.

First, we see that Progressive’s icon Ditzy Flo is actively promoting a “Go as Flo” Halloween costume. No kidding, folks, this is NOT a joke! Pretty scary, huh? Can you think of any other corporate spokesperson selling themselves as a Halloween character? (Not even the prim and proper GEICO lizard Gordo Gecko is pumping the witch’s black sabbath – Samhain – go as a lizard tack). Check it out:

Perhaps even scarier than seeing Flo at your door trick or treating, is the new “Progressive” innovations being pushed on consumers by closet socialist Chairman Lewis under the cover of “saving money”. It’s called PLUG-IN – a device that accesses your vehicle’s on-board “black-box” computer system. “Plug-In” records then transmits all your driving habits to “Progressive” actuaries, so that they can ascertain your risk. At least, that is what Progressive is claiming. Supposedly, all the Plug-In device tells them is how hard and how often one brakes. Oh really? How about the time of day most often driven, and acceleration stats? What’s next, a GPS chip to see if the car is driven to the local bars at night?

Progressive is making promises to the consumer with some very broad strokes. They promise to use ONLY the the vehicle’s braking information. Oh really? Just exactly how is the consumer to know and how are they to objectively VERIFY what information is actually being recorded and transmitted? Is it possible that, like aircraft “black boxes” – every conversation is covertly recorded? Oh I see – you just have to TRUST these guys have your best interests in heart – after all, they are promising substantial discounts and savings here. There is nothing to worry about – this is PROGRESSIVE – and everybody trusts Ditzy Flo, right?

Sorry folks, but this is nothing but a corporate invasion into your privacy. A MAJOR invasion of privacy if you ask me. Your insurance company shouldn’t be BRIBING YOU with promises of “up to 30% savings in premiums” for installing this little recording device. It’s bad enough that most American’s don’t know the covert capabilities of the modern government-accessed “computerized black box” under the hood of their vehicles – (remember Toyota’s inexplicable RANDOM ACCELERATION PROBLEMS last year?? [ed note: turns out the Prius sends a WIRELESS radio signal from the brake pedal to its brake calipers and from the accelerator pedal to the fuel injectors - as opposed to a hard physical connection via hydraulics - leaving wide open the ability to be tampered with by directed energy weapons]) now a clearly subversive LEFTIST-SLANTING LIBERAL INSURANCE COMPANY seeks to record and track the data in this black box?

Consumers should be OUTRAGED, but they’re apparently not. If it’s ok with Ditzy Flo – hey, what’s the problem, right?

Check out these commercial spots and decide for yourselves:

And of course, the jealous, bumbling oafs representing Progressive’s “Competition” who secretly support Progressive’s unique systems of surveillance:


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