Wednesday, October 19, 2011

AUDIO The LABVIRUS Show episode #29 - The MOSSAD episode

10/20/2011 11:30 AM PST The LABVIRUS Show Episode #29

30 minutes.  Focusing today on MOSSAD; looming economic disaster; other notable world news; as well as the military chesspieces being set into place leading us quickly towards World War Three.

[roflmao@ "supermodel computering" ... boy i was fired up and on a roll today.]

TV news is just now reporting the death of Moammar Gadhafi and showing "graphic photos" - this just after yesterday Hitlery Clinton dropping out of a C-17 in Tripoli with a suitcase containing $11mil cash in "new aid" to the rebels and calling for the outright murder of Ghadaffi. 

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Libyan PM: Moammar Gadhafi has been killed - CTV News

Zionist Jewess Shill Hillary Clinton Visits Tripoli – ANNOUNCES SHE WANTS GADHAFI DEAD!!

Gaddafi dies of wounds after capture

UK: H1N1 linked to stillbirths

Indonesia: Another H5N1 suspect in Bali

Intensive riot training preps officers for DNC

Bugging Out of NYC: “Something Terrible is Coming… So For Now, I’m Getting Out.”

Do You Believe al-Qaeda’s Claim Gaddafi is Dead?

It's A Boat, It's A Plane, It's The Great Wall Of China: Part Of Symbolic Chinese Landmark Collapses

10-21-11: NeeD I ReMiND You YeT AGaiN? THe END Is NeaR!

Rogue Government Traders

The Biblical NWO Birth - 3 parts

Gerald Celente on RT - Oct. 19 -

Weather or not

Biological Warfare Experiment on American Citizens Results in Spreading Pandemic

Weather Modification Is Destroying America And Most Think It Is ‘Natural’ Pagami Fire “burn scar” visible from space!

Patent on Broccoli will not be revoked – Monsanto tightens death grip on food

Human Resources of The Corporation

Israel planning 3rd Lebanon War

FEMA Communications Takeover Test Scheduled for Novermber 9th

Which of these candidates was chosen for us by the CIA/MOSSAD/MI6?

Your Country Is Dying ... and It Wants To Take You With It

The Sins of Liam Fox 

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