Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Preparations for "mass vaccinations" - Absurd chemtrails in SF

Just announced on the local TV news: Vanderbilt University vaccinates over 12 thousand today in an eight-hour period as a "rehearsal for mass vaccinations".

Ive been warning everyone since day one that this was coming, and here it is... get ready folks...

ABSURD chemtrails today over SF - video and more comments to follow. Local TV weatherman points at them on video and calls them "thin high clouds" - I just wanna smack this guy.

Bio-Electromagnetic Weapons

Black Death genetic code 'built'

The genome of the Black Death

State regulators back hospitals mandating flu shots for workers

Panama: KPC is spreading

WHO's chronicle of H5N1

US: Another school with a TB case

U.S. Scientist Patents Time Machine

Top CDC Official Who Worked In Bio Terrorism And Emergency Response Arrested On Child Molestation and Bestiality Charges

No One Is Buying Iranian Terror Allegations

Dollar Printing Uses 9.7 Tons Of Ink Per Day, And Other Fast Facts About The US Dollar

Guardian: “Danger Reading” in Tokyo — Radiation near level that triggers an evacuation — 17 times recommended limit — More contaminated than areas in exclusion zone

“Shocked” — CNN: Tokyo-area mayor says radiation there is higher than around Fukushima meltdown

Bloomberg: Yokohama official refuses to say if first lab tests detected strontium-90 — Koide: It seems to be a relatively high radiation dose

ABC reporter: “We did find some rather high readings and I have to say of up towards 20 microsieverts per hour” just this morning 40 km from meltdowns (AUDIO)

Mayor: “I thought the reading must be a mistake” — AFP: Radiation levels in Tokyo “much higher” than previously reported — Decontamination not working

Cult Members Romney and Huntsman Running for President????? Oh My!

Concentrated Radiation Hot Spots Discovered In Tokyo, Yokohama

Iranian Terror Plot: Fake, Fake, Fake

A New Boogeyman For America

Ground Zero Interview with Dr. Wil Spencer & Kathryn A. Augustyn

WHY in the World are they Spraying?

End the Great GMO Cover-up: Demand Labeling NOW!

People are ‘fed’ up!

Japanese consultant: We don’t trust radiation reports from NHK or other channels and newspapers — Many in Japan unable to trust gov’t assurances -Globe & Mail

Nuke Industry Insider: Fukushima spent fuel was damaged and released fission products, leading to a fire

Australia: Fear that Fukushima fallout has affected greater Tokyo area — Has radiation spread further than Japan gov’t has acknowledged?

CNN: Concern that radiation leakage from triple meltdowns “may be more widespread than thought” — Strontium-90 one of the more hazardous types of nuclear waste

4.7 microsieverts/hour in Tokyo, between kindergarten and nursery school — Measured 5 feet above pavement (PHOTO)

June 2011 NW Wisconsin Chemtrails Jets Turning Off Trail – ORBS – UFO


Useless, Expensive Anthrax Vaccine Has Everyone On Board/ The Vaccine Xchange

The Seven Biggest Economic Lies

Iranian "Assassination" Plot, Cui Bono (Who Benefits)?

Building a Pretext to Target Iran: Accusing Tehran of Orchestrating an Assassination Plot against the Saudi Ambassador

Zionists behind anti-Iran claim

Internal Memo: Oct 17-20, 2011 - Historic 'Surge' Exercises Airlift Crisis Contingency Response 

The Death of Dr. David Kelly


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