Sunday, October 30, 2011

While everyone was out getting drunk in costumes this weekend...

On this the eve of a satanic holiday for moon-worshippers (ie Temple of Set) I am reminded of what drew me closer to God and Jesus in recent years.  Just today I played tennis with my friend Brother X a friar of a local catholic church, and we talked about theology and spiritual connections with God and Jesus, a similar conversation Id just had the other day working with an associate as crew for a rock and roll gig.  Essentially I have been voicing recently that the reason I begun to get closer to God is through my awareness and acknowledgment that Satan whose name is Lucifer is very much real and is indeed alive and thriving.  Growing up and being forced through a church upbringing, I never really took religion, and in particular Christianity, very seriously.  Conversely I had never really taken satanism seriously and thought it was all just an act performed by socially repressed people in efforts to appear "cool."  To my extreme chagrin, in my recent 25+ years of research into the NWO, the shadow government, and secrect societies, and as vocalized by a rabbi Rosenthal ("most Jews don't want to admit it, but Lucifer is our god, and he is very much alive") I have come to understand that indeed Luciferian worship has proliferated over the centuries and is  now widespread and has been infiltrated into just about every organized form of society in one way or another.   It was the understanding that Satan is very real that made me begin to take God and Jesus much more seriously; I hope more people are able to make the same connection and begin their spiritual journey themselves.

"The biggest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn't exist"
-Kaiser Soze, The Usual Suspects

Infiltrators of the Occupy Movement

Ex-nazi Pope Ratzinger supports #OWS: Vatican urges economic reforms, condemns collective greed

Global Warming Hoax: News

Indonesia: Sanglah hospital treats 2 bird flu suspects

Fighting dengue, malaria with genetically modified mosquitoes

Dominican Republic: Dengue, cholera, leptospirosis and malaria highest in two years

US Quietly Assumes Military Posture in Africa

November 9th Communications Shutdown: A System Reboot Needed to Activate New Code?

The Brink of Blue Beam

Go Back To Sleep – GMO Salmon Is Good For You

“High Concentrations” of Radiation Hit US and Canada — Plume Was Rich in Cesium-137 and “Close to the Surface” From Vancouver Southward — See also Hawaii, Florida (MAPS)

Is Gold Over Or Undervalued? How About The EFSF (Europe = Fastow, Skilling & Fuld)

*Sunday Night Movie* Lead Radiation Doctor: We were wrong — A huge new group has appeared… The children of parents who have been irradiated (VIDEO, 1hr 2min)

Recriticality? Iodine-131 detected in rice samples from late October

Report: Yellow powder recorded during video of Reactor No. 4 (PHOTO & VIDEO)

MSN: Mutated 3-eyed fish caught in reservoir fed by nuke plant — Locals residents say “radiation has spread from the plant” (PHOTOS)

What will it take?

Smart Meters: Considering the impact upon Morgellons organisms & syndrome sufferers

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology

Dr. Deagle on Weaponized Weather Programs, Biological Weapons, Micro-toxins

Banksters Funding of Anthrax Attacks on Congress Following 9/11

TS Radio Special Series: Vaccines and Psych Drugs: Part 1

CDC's Withholding Information on its Civilian Anthrax Trial is a Travesty

No anthrax vaccine testing on children — for now/ AP

NY Daily News Polling Readers on whether anthrax vaccine should be tested in children

Reforms Seen Failing to Rescue U.S. Biodefense Drug Efforts/ GSN

Lantana anthrax widow settles $50 million lawsuit against federal government

The Smartest Guys in the Room

Stealth EU Nation-Killing Treaty Must Be Stopped

Is Israel behind the rocket attacks from Gaza

Foreign Minister Lieberman: If Gaza rocket fire does not stop, there will be consequences

Electromagnetics and the Mind

What's the frequency Kenneth?  Tom Brokaw's Dirty Little Secret: Simulacra


The bigoted past of Ron Paul

Ron Paul and Freemasonry

Ron Paul's Illuminati hand signals

Ron Paul Exposed – A Freemason Rosecrucian Illuminati Man

Ron Paul's Tubalcain Passgrip of a Master Mason (33rd degree) 

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