Tuesday, October 25, 2011

AUDIO Episode #30 of The LABVIRUS Show

10/25/2011 11:30 AM The LABVIRUS Show Episode #30

Reviewing the latest findings to show that Occupy Wall Street is actually funded by George Soros and the the Rothschilds, as well as shocking news from Genewurx regarding a new pH1N1 polymorph with 100% Case Fatality Rate.  Callers welcome, 30 minutes.

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CIDRAP: Strict meta-analysis raises questions about flu vaccine efficacy

US: Flu vaccination not as effective as thought

Indonesia: Two confirmed H5N1 deaths in Bali

NORAD plans exercise in Washington region early Wednesday

Michael Maloney: "We Pay Tax For The Privilege To Have Currency"

Merck Vaccines Bio Weapons created in 1941 US Biological Weapons Program

The Pope's Banks in America

China may resort to force in Sea Disputes

"Stage Two" of the BP Gulf of Mexico Environmental Disaster

Top scientists refute Japan gov’t: “Copious quantities” of radioactivity leaked from Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 — A “significant part” of overall cesium release

Interview: Local says ‘unlisted’ Fukushima radiation workers held captive until they die, then marked as ‘missing’ — Police guards also dying (VIDEO)

Doctor finds Uranium and Zirconium in Tokyo resident’s fingernails — “We are becoming nuclear fuel rods”

Report: Fukushima Reactors No. 5, 6 now in crisis — Cesium outside release points up 1,000% in recent days — Local says Hitachi engineers coming to help (VIDEO)

“Alarming development”: 7% in temporary housing units have developed blood clots in legs

Yomiuri discusses “yellowish residue” found in Tokyo area: Radioactive Pollen? “Highly likely” Fukushima pollen will reach capital

Gov’t confirms 57.7 microsievert/hr near Tokyo is linked to Fukushima meltdowns — “Highly likely” it came from rain tainted with radioactive fallout

Nuclear Expert Discusses ‘Melt-Through’ at NRC Meeting: I believe melted nuclear core leaked out of Fukushima reactors onto floor (VIDEO)

Gundersen: Clouds of radioactive steam should not be coming from Reactors No. 2 and 3 if in ‘cold shutdown’ (VIDEO, Part II)

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