Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pH1N1: Brasil Shows 94% Avian Zoonotic Potential on Diverse Early Pandemic Sequences

Brasil Shows 94% Avian Zoonotic Potential on Diverse Early Pandemic Sequences

Sequences discussed in this analysis are variously stored publicly at GenBank and at GISAID. We gratefully acknowledge the authors, originating and submitting laboratories of the sequences from GenBank and from GISAID’s EpiFlu™ Database on which this research is based. A GISAID-generated list is detailed in a linked spreadsheet for completeness in citation.

Last Update 2011-10-18

On 2011-08-30, a group of researchers from Instituto Adolfo Lutz Sao Paulo in Brasil, including Santos,C.L.S.; Oliveira,M.I.; Borborema,S.E.T.; Ferreira,J.L.P. and Paiva,T.M., deposited a large group of early Pandemic H1N1 sequences at GenBank and GISAID. For this analysis, 7 HA sequences were selected for review due to their high affinity for polymorphisms homologous to Avian sequences.

The set of HA polymorphisms spans the gene segment. 23 distinct values are demonstrated. Of the 35 total HA polymorphisms found across the 7 selected sequences, 33 trace to Avian Influenza A serotypes (H1N1, H3N8, H5N1 & H9N2). The remaining 2 changes (HA 225N) are from mixed traces that resulted in HA 225G & 225N. These non-Avian, Receptor Binding Site 225N values are wild-type, Human H3N2 homologies. This early, large scale acquisition (94%) of disparate Avian polymorphisms across multiple backgrounds is suggestive that the basic Pandemic H1N1 background is related to Avian progenitors or is highly attractant to Avian genetic data upon co-infection.

Co-infection is known to produce mixed peaks on sequencing traces. The mixed trace sequences in this selection carry H5N1 homology. 100% of the polymorphisms on BrasilSaoPaulo64519_2009_08_18 are mixed, as are the early changes on BrasilMatoGrossoDoSul64045_2009_08_13. Each sequence carries recognised fatality markers. Evidence supports the probability of H5N1 influence on the human carriers of the mixed trace sequences or on a progenitor animal that subsequently transported the H5N1 genetic material into proximity with the human subjects from Brasil.

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