Monday, April 30, 2012

Back to brand X: full frontal chemtrail assault over SF

Today's SF chemtrails are friggin ridiculous, off the hook.  Zigzags, checkerboard patterns, low altitude thick cotton-candy dumps fully "clouding" an otherwise clear sky, also significantly reducing temperature from sun blockage.  Hack, cough, spit, repeat.  Blech.

On the music channel:  I'm tuning and editing my vocals from the most recent track I Want It All To Stop, then plan to complete a full remix on the 64-track mix system.  Once completed, I'll upload the new mix to the soundclick site, then master and begin pressing one-off CDs of the King Of Swords "greatest hits" album including the latest track, nicely labeled and professionally mastered, for sale at ten bucks each (plus $2 s&h; US orders only - int'l orders pay extra shipping).  Should be a few days away; anyone wishing to purchase a CD please send a twelve dollar donation on the DONATE page, and indicate your mailing address on the comment field as you make your donation.  I should begin mailing out the first CDs next week.

American Medicine--No Trace of Compassionate Care

India Serves Up Deadly Vaccines Cocktail

Ethical concerns on Roca et al vaccination in Gambia study

Polio vaccine induced paralysis soars

Protect Vaccine Choice & Freedom

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US: California BSE prion comes with a different twist

4/30/2012 — Severe Weather and Japan Cloud UPDATE = TX OK KS MO IN TN KY OH WV PA NY VA

Martial Red Zone In America

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Letters From the Underground Mail Bag: Subterranean Labyrinths, Underground Bases, and Hollowed Out Norwegian Mountains

Former Senior Israeli Officials Speaking Out Against Rush To Iran War 

FDA [fatal drugs allowed] refuses to ban antibiotics in livestock 


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