Thursday, April 12, 2012

SFBay tornadoes, giant hail, quakes, massive chemtrail cover = WTF?

I havent even taken the time to compare the HAARP fluxgate magnetometer data history against the unprecedented severe storm activity chronology we have seen in the past 48 hours, but I sense that once again someone down underground the USGS hq in Boulder is having way too much fun playing with their joystick in control of the haarp facility, using it to manipulate weather in a weaponized fashion.  Also suspecting highly its being used to influence all the quake activity being reported on the "ring of fire" - upon which we here in SF sit on the San Andreas faultline.   Hmmmmm.

Hail the size of golfballs took out 150 acres entirely of one guy's cherry crop.  A tornado touched down yesterday in the east bay shredding a commercial building.

As I type this yet another front moves across with violent lightning and thunder, heavy rain, like monsoon rain, with more waves to follow.  Waves.  HAARP waves perhaps?  Gee do ya THINK?

This is Frisco, folks.  We DONT get this kinda weather, ever.  NEVER BEFORE has this happened in the bay area, at least in my lifetime which is twoscore and change.  To us a severe weather is rain, period.  Twice in my memory it has snowed at sea level; once in the 70s and another more recently in the last few years.  We've gotten smaller bb-size hail from time to time over the years, but nothing like what we just saw.  Certainly never a tornado.  We had one last year touch down in the middle of the bay.

On top of all this, the sprayer plane activity overhead dumping tankfuls of toxic nano-crap we call chemtrails has been in overdrive.  With increasing cloud cover, the activity increases orders of magnitude, and the dumps seem to happen at lower altitudes and with much thicker versions as opposed to what we often see on clearer days.

Hack, cough, spit, repeat.

On the drama channel:

Edomite agent-provocateurs SherriLen (my new name for the combined entity of Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane - her name first to indicate she is the dominant one wearing the pants in the relationship) continue to "serve" a laundry list of people with a 400+ page treatise of a bogus "criminal complaint" which contains both civil and criminal baseless allegations, all filed by one harvard-educated dentist "Dr. Leonard Horowitz", representing himself. so he says. as a pro-se litigant.


I've gotten recent reports from friends that mail for me has arrived at their ex-wife's house (divorced almost 20 years), and that they've received some very unfriendly calls from some dude calling himself a process server in the santa clara court - meanwhile accusing my friend of actually being me (strikingly similar to the way these same two claimed some guy named "David Main" was indeed A. True Ott PhD).  Yeah right.  After seeing the two addresses Lenny has me listed under in this autobiographical narcisistic Dickens novel he is "serving" around to anyone he can get an address to, I can only draw the conclusion that good ole "Purple Gang" Lenny boy is likely involved in some sort of identity theft, for the fact that one of those addresses is a childhood address I moved out of prior to turning 18, and the other is one I temporarily held right after finishing college.  I did my own info-check by paying a $40 fee, and even these two addresses do not turn up.

Again, things that make me go hmmmm.

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