Saturday, April 7, 2012

"You can't take Christ out of the equation"

This is a direct quote from A. True Ott PhD's The Story Behind The Story broadcast of 28 March [linked at the TSBTS archives page], in follow-up to his very upsetting and rude treatment on-air by his one-time guest, author and lecturer Michael "Collins" Piper, a few days prior.

Truer words have never been said in my humble opinion.  Dr. Bill Deagle will be among the first to state loudly we are caught up in a SPIRITUAL war, standing in the crossfire between Satan/Lucifer and Yeshua/Jesus. 

"You are either for Christ, or against him.  There is no middle ground" - another quote.

If you are atheist, you are anti-Christ.

This isnt pushing religion, bible-thumping or anything evangelical.

This is historical record in question.  Either you acknowledge the historical record and have your faith and support in Christ, or you denounce it.  Ignorance is the same as denouncing it.

There is no middle ground.
This is not a matter of religious beliefs.
This is a matter of personal choice: yours.
Which is it?

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