Sunday, April 29, 2012

The slippery slope steepens as we slide to hell in a handbasket - no brakes!

I'm just reading past a section of the new Radu Cinamar/Peter Moon book Mystery of Egypt - The First Tunnel which discusses pain and suffering, something to the effect of that without suffering, we would not take action to allay the suffering and prevent against future suffering, something like the thesis-antithesis-synthesis practice of hegelian dialectic.  This discussion happens fairly early in the book between our narrator Radu and his mentor "Cezar Brad" [an alias] as Cezar informs Radu that he has now been initiated into Romania's highly secretive Department Zero and is about to undertake a special mission with Cezar and some other interesting folks. 

I sure hope we are prepared to learn some big lessons and get to work to prevent future suffering, because I believe the signs point forward to great suffering for many - and soon.

More of the summertime chemtrail brand Y today, and all day.  Multiple planes at high altitude dumping their aerosol payloads, which quickly dissipate and leave hardly any trace except faint, wispy lines across the sky as they descend [unlike the thick brand X cotton-candy dumps experienced over the winter], blanketing everything as far as the eye can see with the purple metallic mist.  While most thought today's skies were clear, those like me with well trained eyes saw much differently.

TSBTS will be guest-hosted all this week by Clint Richardson as Dr. Ott takes a business trip.

Regarding Fukushima (which ain't over by a LONG shot):

Try to grasp the idea that this was NO accident.

The first of the reactors melted down BEFORE the "quake" and the quake itself was no natural occurrence, instead an intentionally triggered event utilizing high-energy low frequency microwave radiation energy transmitted through the ionosphere and focused with precision by a giant Tesla-based transmitter array known as HAARP, of which many like it exist all over the planet.  [ed note: haarp is now obsolete in lieu of SBX-1 and NEXRAD installations.  also it has been argued by some to a degree of plausibility that the tsunami may have been caused by a string of underwater nukes.  who really knows.]

In addition to weaponizing weather and hiding behind "plausible deniability" by causing "natural disasters" such as quakes and volcano eruptions, thanks to the STUXNET computer virus from Mossad aimed at nuclear power plants we can credit the nuke plant's meltdown prior to the quake as yet another "false flag" attack, this time blaming that "terrorist" Mother Nature.

Rubbish, all of it.
  Japan knows and won't admit it because they are suffering payback for not going with the program – and had been warned.  This after Japan's paying through the nose for the Toyota fiasco, where similar technology allowed certain Prius accelerators to stick – by remote control.

Now Pandora's box is open and the demon is out, and we are all gonna pay for the rest of our lives while we watch those around us die and suffer endlessly.

But ah, isn't that all part of the Edomite agenda anyway? To kill off all the "goyim" – translated – anyone but their bloodline?

Sadly, the answer is YES.

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