Sunday, April 8, 2012

More on controlled opposition: here's something about Jeff Rense we don't hear much of

"I know Jeff Rense as a Predator" - Ex-Wife #3 (of 9)

Update for close supporters from Kevin Annett

Ontario Schools Begin Masonic Child Sex Abuse

Pakistan: Dengue larvae found at tyre godowns

Timelapse – 4/2/2012 7:32pm-4/5/2012 7:55pm – mountains – Thousand Oaks, CA

Morgellons Disease: The Big Lie, The Ultimate Cover-up Roxy Lopez

Polar bears have symptoms of mystery disease: U.S. agency

Copper and Yuan Carry Trade

4/7/2012 — Tornadoes hit HAARP ring area from 24 hours ago = Central Texas tornadoes

4/7/2012 — Stanford VLF/HAARP papers disappear from the internet

4/7/2012 — HAARP ring / CircleSweep frequency buildup — TX, LA, OK, AR, MO, KS, NE, ND

Clintonville Administrator: I Heard a Large Exploding Boom Coming from Underground

Israeli letter-poem to Grass: If we go, everyone goes

Iran War can trigger WWIII - Nobel Laureate Grass

Spain will exit the Eurozone First - This Year

Slick Barry Authorizes Greater Wall Street Theft

America: A Government Out-of-Control

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  1. MAJOR Heavy spray day in SF Bay Area this morning. Some of the worst I ever seen. What the hell is going on?