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Unbought history: Hitler's War by David Irving

David Irving - Hitler's War  

Download FREE the full pdf of David Irving's 1977 book Hitler's War


Read the book above and consider just how much of "history" as we perceive it has been programmed in our minds following an agenda of disinformation.

Righteous Blood Part XII: The RED CHEKA TERROR Targets Christians

Branswell: Report clearing H5N1 studies for publication posted without board members' OK

Vietnam: Bizarre skin disease continues to spread


The Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment called today…

A Cure For Morgellons?

Control The Weather! Control the Agriculture! Barb Peterson & Russ Tanner Spell it out!

3/29/2012 Chemtrail Time Lapse Nice Evidence

Clifford Carnicom on the Morgellons Condition

Part 1 -Carnicom Institute – Health & Environmental Conference – Oct 22 2011 – AM

Chemtrail Disclosure? Military Chaff Reported on Radar by Local News

Truth and Consequences in the Land of Nothing

Previewing Next Week's Main Events

4/15/2012 — Severe weather heading East Northeast .. Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin = Alerts and Warnings

Report: Watch For Silver to Spike Low and Look to Buy

Millions against Monsanto: The food fight of our lives  


Welcome to the Spring Newsletter

Carnicom Institute is a non-profit organization working solely for the benefit of humanity and the public interest. Our goal is to provide the public with beneficial and responsible information concerning human health and the environment. The Institute is extensively active in conducting scientific research and public education relating to the consequences of geoengineering and bioengineering. Thank you for your support of Carnicom Institute. We look forward to providing updates on our current activities and progress.

Research Report - Morgellons Research

Carnicom Institute is embarking on a first of its kind study of the Morgellons Condition. Through the systematic collection of physiological data, this study aims to identify measurable characteristics of this illness. Carnicom Institute is currently seeking individuals who are willing participate in this study. Those participating in the study will be the source of the data that is needed for our research. This study will not be possible without the public’s participation and support. We believe that a greater understanding of the Morgellons Condition is vital, and must be accomplished for the benefit of us all. Honest and legitimate scientific research is what we are offering to you. We hope that you will offer us your help.

Get Involved Now!

Environmental Filament Study

A unique environmental filament material has been documented on numerous occasions for more than a decade. It has been found in both an airborne form and at ground level. Carnicom Institute is conducting a comprehensive scientific investigation of filament samples. We are asking the public to provide these samples and we need your help. Follow this link and get involved. Filament Study

Environmental Research

Another goal of Carnicom Institute is to conduct environmental testing of water, soil and biological mediums. To learn more follow this link: Environmental Research


Recently, researcher Clifford Carnicom was the featured guest on the syndicated radio broadcast, The Power Hour. The show’s host, Joyce Riley is a registered nurse and former Captain in the United States Air Force. Ms. Riley has been a long time supporter of the investigation and full disclosure of issues that affect our health and the environment. To listen, click here: Power Hour Interview!

Alan Hunter, host of Transitions Radio Magazine, interviewed Clifford in September of 2011. In this presentation, Clifford explained that much of the focus of the Institute’s research is on the effects the Morgellons condition has to the body internally. To learn more follow this link: Transitions Radio

This past January, Clifford Carnicom participated in an amazing breakthrough interview on Coast to Coast AM with Rob Simone. Clifford said he prefers the term “aerosol” in lieu of “chemtrail” as the former is more accurate. Aerosol spraying describes the introduction of particulate matter into the air. “Our environment has been altered,” he said discussing atmospheric geoengineering. The Coast to Coast interview can be accessed here: Media Page.

Past interviews, as well as those listed here, can be found on the Carnicom Institute’s website media page. While visiting the site, be sure to review the links that connect directly to video presentations of the revolutionary molecular biologist, Bruce Lipton.

Carnicom Institute Media Page

Research Papers:

More than a year of conentrated and dedicated effort by Clifford Carnicom allows the presentation of two research papers: (Click the research title in blue for the link)

Morgellons: A Thesis : this paper describes the significant disruption and role of iron that is associated with the Morgellons condition.

Proteinaceous Complex Identified : an important proteinaceous complex has been identified within the Morgellons culture study, and this represents an important pathway to future research on the mitigation of the Morgellons condition.

Carnicom Community:

Take part in our growing community. A place to communicate and share thoughts and ideas can be found by following this link:


Carnicom Institute has a YouTube channel:
Carnicom YouTube Channel

The ground breaking documentary Cloud Cover has been posted on the YouTube site.
Be sure to visit the site soon, if you have not done so.

The Carnicom Institute Environmental and Health Conference (October 2011) DVD is in production and will be available as soon as possible.

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