Thursday, April 26, 2012

SF chemtrails swiched up to brand Y - latest in the BASES series of documentaries

Today instead of the low-altitude thick cloudy brand X version of the chemtrail mix, it's the brand Y which dissipates quickly into an almost invisible mist at high altitude, yet still reaches the ground in a noticeably different kind of metallic mist, leaving a different chalky plastic taste - yet still prompting a healthy day of hacking CLCs (chemtrail lung cookies).  While the skies were perceivably clearer as opposed to yesterday, planes were seen all day long crossing the skies at high altitude, leaving trails which almost completely dissipated in under a minute.  All the while, passenger jets at the same altitude flew through the same airspace leaving no trails whatsoever.

With today's MSM coverage of a possible "bird flu pandemic caused by terrorists" I can only deduce that part of this stepped up spraying schedule has to do with lowering immunity.  We certainly know enough of some of the other aspects of this agenda, so to include this wouldnt be a far reach for me to assume.

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AP: US soldiers promised massacre, including children, days before Bales' Alleged Rampage - with video

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