Sunday, April 8, 2012

I marked my first pair of tracker suits tonight

In a way its flattering yet at the same time despicable.

Here we are in a music venue with everyone dressed rock and roll. and these two stiff suits with ties with full-Windsor tie-knots trying not to be observed as they hang out in the corner of the room.  Facing me.  Pretending like they arent looking at me.  They werent local cops, definitely feds of some sort, and as soon as they got the hint they were being looked at they vanished.  Dark-haired younger guy with a bespectacled greyhaired older man.  These guys were feds, Ill bank lunch on it.

I really am flattered if this is all over little ole' me.

Let me offer a few suggestions for the next recon teams who get sent out, just to make their game a little bit more interesting:

1.  dont go to a sexy rock and roll venue bar with people dancing while wearing ties and suits being antisocial and not drinking alcohol.  times two if you bring a partner wearing the same costume.

2.  dont sit next to your partner no matter what your cover is.

3. dont take photographs of people without their permission and send via email on your smartphone.

4. get a life, seriously.  you guys getting paid to spy on me?  thats just pathetic.  megabarf.  dont you have some actual criminals to look for?

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