Monday, April 16, 2012

The reality behind Tamiflu; America is having a blowout sale

Nobody should volunteer for clinical trials as long as research data is secret

Tamiflu Made My Kid Hallucinate. I Think the Flu is Preferable to Delirium

The above two articles are the most recent in a long series of evidenciary discovery and personal victim testament showing that Roche's Tamiflu, pushed during the 09 "swine flu outbreak" by Don Rumsfeld [who personally profited immensely from its sales] not only has no effect against flu systems, but also clearly advertises its side effects: flu-like symptoms. 

Here in SF everyone is up in arms about LJE's Oracle America's Cup race taking over the entire public water space used by swimmers, surfers, windsurfers and small craft, meanwhile attempting to adjust the date of the race to coincide with the 2013 Fleet Week held in early October - "to give the international viewing audience a more festive experience".  Megabarf.  The truth of the matter is that most Americans, especially we here in SF, couldn't care less about some elitist globalist edomite-red-logoed tech tycoon bullying his challengers into a display of wealth and arrogance.  I personally couldn't care less about the race because I am not anywhere close to being rich enough to consider such a sport personally, and to top it off I really do not like LJE one bit.  To me this all appears as a grand scam to blackmail SF into giving up some of its prime real estate to an elitist globalist cabal, and use Fleet Week as a backdrop to cover for the embarrassingly low race attendance projected - meanwhile creating one giant live internationally broadcast real estate ad for rich globalists: "America is having a blowout sale" [the late Kevin Gilbert] starting right here in SF.

Whooping Cough vaccine is not working

Bayer starts settling Yaz birth control pills lawsuits

ATOS forces doctors to sign Secrets Act

UFO Forensic Analysis, Photos, Korea 2012 (UPDATED)

Does Israel Interfere in US Elections?

H5N1 in the environment

H5N1 controversy: Fouchier plans to publish even without permission

NASA ATREX Chemtrail Rockets 03-27-2012

Did Warren Buffett Have a Hand in the Keystone Pipeline Being Shut Down?    

Hong Kong: 20 ill with hand-foot-mouth disease

Nobel Laureate Gunter Grass Writes a Poem – All Hell Breaks Loose!

Truth and Consequences in the Land of Nothing

An Open Letter to “Thievin’ Steven” Harper, Alleged Prime Minister of Canada – Concerning your use of tax payer’s money to fund child-raping-and-killing churches

Did the Crown of England Kill these Men?

A Time Lapse Video On The Origins Of Globalization

The Implications Of A Failed Monetary System

Greg’s April 14 2012 Radio Show: Vatican’s Role in Genocide of Native Americans

4/16/2012 — Severe weather UPDATE — 2 day outlook — South , Mid Atlantic , and Next storm

2Pac Resurrected by Dre and Snoop at Coachella In Chilling “Project Bluebeam” Likeness

The Rothschild-Johnson Matthey Connection

Rihanna, an Illuminati Whore of Death! (Sean Combs, Ashton Kutcher,Chris Brown, Beyonce & Usher)   

War Games: Israeli Air Strike Deals Severe Blow To Iran "Nukes"

Israeli Defense Minister Barak: Talks don't give Iran immunity from strike

Israel on verge of disaster: Ex-Mossad head Meir Dagan


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