Friday, August 19, 2011

Catching up on Friday: a slippery slope toward World War Three

Well from what I'm hearing the financial markets could be in for a ride this weekend, as the fit hits the shan and talk of devaluing currencies abounds.  Heads up everyone, and like Ive been saying for years now, get into physical metals and other real commodities and out of paper, and hold onto your hats.

As of today it seems both Craig Oxley and Ken Adachi are both recent victims to cyber-hacking from the Horrorwitch camp, as Lenny and Sherri "Crack" Caine are apparently enlisting professional dirty tricksters to hack down sites which are openly exposing their fraudulent and malicious activities.  Both The Unhived Mind and have been taken offline within the last 24 hours.  Kane's recent "press release" gloats over getting the former wordpress version of this site shut down, as if they were omnipotent and can erase anything.  All well and good, but I am still here and still typing away.  For now.

Mirror site for active: 

Sorry to be spending so much time and energy addressing the ashkenazi khazar drama queens, and I promise soon it will wind down.  In light of recent interactions with this Michael Vara character, who hosts this weird radio show and has scheduled a 3-way between Horrowitch, Scary Pain, and Babbles Fart-Smell [where no doubt they will continue their slanderous attacks on me and others], and whose communications I posted just previously, a few things become abundantly clear: (1) Vara has no more than a sixth grade education as evidenced by his spelling and lack of grammar; and (2) judging by the timestamp of his replies he has a habit of staying up - real late.  My guess he is either high drunk or both, two nights in a row of responses... numerous responses without any solicitation whatsoever, and overly defensive and obviously scripted or coached.   Not hard to do the math here.

I had offered to call in to Vara's show and debate the 3-way trio directly on-air, and it seems my attempts are being squashed.  I bet they never expected I would be so bold and fearless as to call in to their own broadcast and debate them live on the air.  Something they would never do... call into either my show or Dr Ott's and debate head-to-head.  What does THAT say to you all?  I rest my case.

Hope yall got a kick out of my latest graphic - depicting the real nature of what is really going on with the "528" frequency.  A. True Ott sent me a few comments back:

Right on, Alex.  Also, the 9 frequencies are the geometrical stops on the Kabalah TRACING BOARD - of the B'Nai B'Rith freemasonic MASTERS.  

The 528 "pillar" is the key to opening the demonic star gate of the "the watchers"  -  the NEPHILIM.   Dr. Puleo understood this, and warned me that this particular frequency is demonic in the extreme.  He said never to willfully create the 528 (gematria = 6) frequency. 

Lenny and Sherri went missing the whole night of the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2011. (The high black mass night of the Illuminati worldwide.)   They were undoubtedly preparing their dark spirits for my appearance in Laguna Hills on June 22 - but they were foiled.

Notice the top of the coffin.  Notice the compass, the square, and the level.   These are the exact same marks placed in the holy underwear "garment" of the faithful MORMON!   Directly below the skull and crossed bones, you see a 5, then the archaic numbers for 2 and 8 respectively.   528  is the TUNE OF PAN'S FLUTE - the Demon God Baal who is JUPITER.  

I've had just about enough of these two black magicians masquerading as the good guys.   This is the sign and symbol for ALL SATANSTS WORLDWIDE.  It is the 3rd Degree of Masonry - only those who enter THIS level are those who have willingly shed innocent blood of children in ritual.

GET IT????   Eyes still wide shut??

Things That Make You Say HMMMMMMM!

A Message to Horowitz and Kane – the Illuminati’s “Storm Troopers”.

Groundbreaking Supreme Court Decision

National Archives: SEC wrongfully destroyed records

D.C. is Like a Separate Country ... One Which Couldn't Care Less About The American People

Obama Administration to Review All Deportation Cases, Apply DREAM Act-Style Criteria

TSA launching behavior-detection program at Boston airport

Meet Verizon’s Newest Security Force: Xe (Blackwater)

Insane! Report For NASA Claims Aliens May Attack Earth If We Do Not Stop Global Warming

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General Wesley Clark on Middle East destabilization

Breaking: Rats not to blame for 1348-49 Black Death

Bacteria re-engineered to fight drug-resistant microbe

Morgellons: Crystal Hexagon, 
Morgellons: LAB RESULTS

The “Non-GMO” Labeling Scam

Finnish physicist = Fukushima theory , HAARP, Earthquakes, and radiation

HAARP ring confirmation @ Springfield, MO and Duluth MN — rings 24hrs ago = severe now

Ceremony of the Phoenix: in 15 days the "man" burns up at That Thing In The Desert, a weeklong campout for some 50,000 hedonistic attendees in the Nevada desert 170 miles northeast of Reno on a dry lakebed (lake Lahontan) - a bonfire pagan ritual practicing the satanic ceremony of the phoenix by the culmination of the event burning a 50-foot tall wooden effigy of a human figure stationed at the exact center of the "city" of Black Rock.  Looks like Israel-Iran and Syria are all beating wardrums for World War Three to begin, just in time for the really big 911, September 11 of 2011.  Coincidence?  Sure, why not.

Israel will probably attack Iran in September

Young Americans flock to Israel to join army

Is Slick Barry About to Commit America to WAR with Syria? - you betcha.

French General: NATO Attack on Syria "Feasible" 

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