Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Clarence Malcolm illegally redirects Ted Gunderson's website donation mailing address

Send your note of condolences and any donation, payable to "Ted Gunderson," to:
                                         Ted Gunderson
                                   6230-A Wilshire Blvd. #6
                                    Los Angeles, CA 90048
WARNING #1: This is the ONLY address to use, when sending mail or donations to Ted's family. Any other address listed at other websites and used in emails or letters soliciting donations on behalf of Ted Gunderson are NOT authorized or sanctioned by Ted's family. Ted's daughter, Lori, has had Ted's power of attorney for months. She  told me she did NOT authorize Ted's former webmaster at
to change Ted's mailing address to "Tiny Stars" in Malibu, California.
WARNING #2: Donations or mail being sent to Tiny Stars are NOT being forwarded to Ted's family. Only Ted Gunderson's daughter, Lori, has access to the address shown above. She is not in contact or communication with Ted's former webmaster. If you wish to support Ted's financial needs or his family, then please address all communications to the above listed address--and no other!
WARNING #3: The FBI has been notified of this FRAUDULENT SCAM that has been illegally using his name to raise money, due to his impending death!
WARNING #4: Before Lori called the FBI, she received a death threat against her, on her phone.

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