Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Transylvanian Moonrise

Thank you very much to Peter Moon, coauthor of the sequel to Transylvanian Sunrise, for autographing my copies of your new book.  I found the original I thought I had lost and gifted the second copy to a favorite aunt who is reading it aloud with her friends regularly.

I first learned of Peter Moon through my research into the Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk Project, and the adventures of Preston Nichols, Al Bielik and Duncan Cameron.  This was some years back, and ever since I have always followed closely the new publications from this fortunate observer.

I'm not done with the new book yet, and am just over halfway.  But I can tell you folks it's an unbelievable story - allegedly all true - of an observer (Radu Cinamar) who worked with people like Cezar Brad (alias). Dr Xien aka Repa Sundhi a tibetan lama, a 600+ year-old figure known as Elinor, a projected creation of a human-giant-like creature called a "yidam", wormhole travel, ET technology, and oh so much more.  This after learning of the underground holographic hall of records underneath the Romanian Sphinx in the Bucegi mountains.

As I hear talk about Gary McKinnon and the case surrounding his extradition to the US, I think most likely perhaps he discovered evidence of the same topics discussed in the series of Transylvanian books in addition to the lists of US Naval off-world spacecrafts and crew.

There is only one place to get these books folks, and no I dont make a dime by promoting them.

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