Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting back to the music

Amidst all these false allegations that I am "cointelpro" and a "pedophile", a "satanist" and God knows what else these retarded no-lifes have called me publicly in attempts to discredit my good name, I still remain who I really am, and that is a composer and producer of music records.

To hear a collection of my professional solo recordings please visit

and to hear a few rejects from 30 second TV ad jingle composing visit

and to see a few low-budget music videos:

"George Bush Is An Asshole"

"Death And Taxes"

"Building Seven"

and to see me perform a version of David Foster's "Winter Games" Olympics theme live on piano:

You just gotta ask yourself:  how many cointelpro agents can do that?

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