Thursday, August 25, 2011

Revisiting the MIRACL deuterium fluoride satellite chemical laser weapon

As hurricane Irene approaches the east coast and folks begin to suspect its artificial origin from HAARP, remember the toxic conditions which have continually worsened in the gulf oil disaster which began April 20 of 2010, including the ongoing spraying of millions of gallons of Corexit.  Imagine what will happen to these toxins when stirred up by a giant hurricane.

There are those of us who are firmly convinced that the photographic evidence recorded on April 20 of 2010 (Hitler's birthday) clearly shows that a satellite laser weapon was deployed upon the Deepwater Horizon oil platform, which burned a long hole through the aluminum heliport before rupturing the diesel tanks which caused the explosion and collapse.  It is further believed that orders to deploy that MIRACL satellite chemical laser were given from the US Naval headquarters buried under Mount Weather or Cheyenne Mountain or some similar command center.  This has gotten a lot of people removed from radio, and most people on-radio wont even allow this idea to be discussed and instead support the party line that a gas buildup occurred accidentally.  I have seen the photographs, and live footage as shot from the small party of fisherman who had anchored under the platform and were sleeping.  There shows in all instances a clear blue beam of light heading straight upward toward the sky, that is reflected in the water.

Death Ray = Deuterium Laser = SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative – Reagan’s “Star Wars”)
Gulf oil rig was shot by MIRACL laser from satellite – pictures

MIRACL – ‘Lest We Forget’

New Images

MIRACL Laser Images Surfacing

Is It A “MIRACL”?: Images Of Oil Platform Hole

MIRACL-Illumination! by Dr A True Ott PhD

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