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You just can't fix stupid.

A famous line from the "Blue Collar Comedy" group.  Get 'er dun.  Here's yer sign.

Here in Frisco the news is all about fights in the football parking lot after the SF-Oakland game where two separate shootings occurred and a number of fights broke out both in the stands and later in the parking lot.  Also with another "anonymous"-sponsored "protest" at BART stations, it is becoming increasingly clear that those who mean to peacefully protest are being infiltrated by agent-provocateurs, who commit acts of violence and vandalism, giving pretext for the draconian police-state maneuvers being undertaken by SFPD and other agencies against protests and demonstrations.

Meanwhile, Sherri Kane (Scary Pain) and Barbara Hartwell (Babbles Fart-Smell) continue to smoke serious piles of crack and are publishing "press releases" gloating over the fact Kane has attacked and censored sites who are critical of her - meanwhile suggesting she supports free speech.  Do the math folks, it's not rocket science. 

All Kane has done is capitalize on the fact that most sites do not fact-check any allegations and react knee-jerkingly to anyone complaining in any way, without any substantial backup to their allegations - and knowing this she has lied her ass off and complained in any way the sites will allow, and she has concocted fairy tales in each instance.  All this has done is help to create a list of documented cases of illegal censorship which are being collected and prepared to be presented to the EFF here in San Francisco, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who assists cases of internet censorship as defenders of the First Amendment.

You can fix looks with makeup and surgery, you can fix lack of talent with charm, and you can fix lack of social grace with money.  But you cannot fix stupid: stupid is FOREVER.

Now to demonstrate:  Following is an excerpt from Horrorwitch's recent book on 528.  This is far and away the most cognitively dissonant, irrational and illogical series of ramblings I have ever been subjected to reading.  This should serve as evidence positive that Horrorwitch is also smoking crack,  along with his slut BDSM drug mule Sherri "Crack" Caine.  Read on...

Chapter Two:                                  The Enlightenment Game:                             528 and Your Destiny
With the number “528” central to sacred geometry, cosmic design, and the laws of physics and mathematics, reasonably intelligent people ask, “Is 528 related to history, and even destiny?”
The answer is, “Yes. It must be.” 
This is because 528 is involved in creating things like the measured mile, music, scales, circles, squares, snowflakes, tetrahedrons, and the heart of every rainbow. How does it do this?
Well, a rainbow is a visual manifestation of light bending through crystalline Water. So 528 resonates at the heart of light and Water crystals. 
Indeed, that’s why the sacred geometry of the triangle, tetrahedron, hexagon, and more depends on 528. 
Consider the word enlightenment for a minute. It implies “lightening up,” or becoming happier, freer, illuminated, and/or at one with the light, which is the spectrum of colors and frequencies of creation. 
Light, coming from the sun in our solar system, resonates in harmony with 528 Hertz frequency, as stated previously.(1)
Notice the word light in enlightenment is surrounded by the prefix and suffix “en,” that Webster’s Dictionary defines as “put into or onto, cover with, . . . cause to be;” and “cause to have, or come to have,” respectively.
In other words, pure light caused to be in your body by the light of the sun that vibrates in 528, with its spherical shape influenced by 528 math, is meant to be in your body, and makes you “one for all and all for one,” whole and complete with the creative spirit; “on earth as it is in heaven,” in the matrix of universal intelligence or God-consciousness. This is the Source of intelligence, and the Source of Creation. There is nothing as powerful, and nothing more important on the Creator’s palate than LOVE in 528. 
Knowledge in this book evidences that enlightenment, or spiritual transformation, is best acquired and broadcast musically in 528Hz harmony. Thus, enlightenment can be caused by acquiring and broadcasting 528Hz music, which is why I launched to impact history and fulfill destiny.
Sages, prophets, and especially alchemists throughout time knew this truth that you are now acquiring. But many lost their lives studying and sharing this knowledge since it is so powerful, especially in accessing optimal freedom. 
In fact, this musical-mathematical knowhow for spiritual ascendance became the most guarded secret in the world, valued above all possessions by the Illuminati in power. 
Musical mathematics creates the rules by which this “Game of Life” is played. So this intelligence was sought, found, hidden, guarded, and abused by those who create disonance and division between God and man, man and nature, and between humans as well, including the rich and the poor; those granted prosperity, and others less fortunate.

The Enlightenment Game 
Life may be viewed as a game of enlightenment. Obviously valued, even among the leaders of nations, is the wealth created using this knowledge. Phillips 66, for instance, mostly owned by the Royal Family of England, used this knowledge when they named the company, as well as their main intelligence gathering agency, MI-6. 
So if you view the Royal Family of England as winners in this “Game of Life,” you may see them as pretty “enlightened.”
But the goal of this enlightenment game, for most people, is to experience more LOVE in life, to have better relationships, including a more intimate connection to God.
The measurable rewards of this “Game of Life,” the indicators of expressing enlightenment, includes noticable life changes, behavior changes, mood changes, and attitude shifts reflecting peace, happiness, even sainthood, like famous holy persons earn. 
Compassionate humanitarians, and/or many world leaders like Ghandi and Martin Luther King, are considered and honored as most enlightened. 
Your rewards for playing this “Game of Life,” making enlightenment your goal, includes a life-spring of subtle qualities reflecting inner peace, higher level wellness, and greater freedom, sustained and expanded by faith, prayer, focused meditation, and most importantly the right music, since you are made with LOVE, mathematically, this way. 
Practice, as your game progresses, and you also gain wisdom.

“Game Theory” and Your Destiny
Now consider life on earth a “game” involving nearly 6 billion players, with each person having a unique history; even fulfilling a personal destiny, by the same laws that direct the movement of stars and course of the galaxies; that is, by same musical-mathematics that created the cosmos. An in depth analysis of this personal and social game, and the way this game operates, would probably involve what is called, “Game Theory.”
According to the internet intelligence service, Wikipedia, busted for its links to CIA propagandists, and Church of Satan agents,(2) “Game Theory” is very important as a “branch of applied mathematics . . . used in the social sciences, most notably in economics, as well as in biology (particularly evolutionary biology and ecology), engineering, political science, international relations, computer science, and philosophy.” According to the Wiki Company, Game Theory attempts to “mathematically capture behavior in strategic situations, or games, in which an individual’s success in making choices depends on the choices of others.”(3) 
“While initially developed to analyze competitions in which one individual does better at another’s expense (zero sum games), it has been expanded to treat a wide class of interactions, which are classified according to several criteria. Today, “game theory is a sort of umbrella or ‘unified field’ theory for the rational side of social science, where ‘social’ is interpreted broadly, to include human as well as non-human players (computers, animals, plants)” (4).
Pascal’s Wager
Another important strategy to consider in playing this “Game of Life,” bearing on enlightenment and you fulfilling your Divine destiny, is “Pascal’s wager.”(5) 
Pascal’s Wager (also called “Pascal’s Gambit”) is “a suggestion posed by the French philosopher, mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal that, even though the existence of God cannot be determined through reason, a person should wager as though God exists, because living life accordingly has everything to gain, and nothing to lose.” And this “wager” can apply to “the god of all other religions.”
“Pascal states, however, that some do not have the ability to believe. In this case, he directs them to live as though they had faith, which may lead them to belief. The Wager was set out in note 233 of his Pensées, a posthumously published collection of notes made by Pascal in his last years as he worked on a treatise on Christian apologetics.
“Historically, Pascal’s Wager was groundbreaking as it had charted new territory in probability theory, was one of the first attempts to make use of the concept of infinity, marked the first formal use of decision theory, and anticipated the future philosophies of pragmatism and voluntarism.(5)
In essence Pascal, a pretty smart guy, surmised that God, as a metaphysical entity, is not determined by reason, but you have nothing to lose from believing in Him/Her.

Tic Tac Toe
Will-power, a function of the human will, functions in decision-making, risk taking, and choosing between options in life. It is, therefore, pivotal in directing a life story, life outcomes, and your personal destiny. 
Yet, at the same time, there is a higher-will, spiritual will, or God’s will to consider as it often causes us to make decisions that we would ordinarily not think to make. 
So there is are two levels in which choices directing your destiny are made: 1) physical/social/behavioral, and 2) spiritual. Level one has you asserting your confidence in the probability of an expected or desired outcome. This choice making process involves probability statistics, your philosophy, values, and winning or losing according to whereon you place your bet. 
Alternatively, on level two, you have little awareness about the spiritual forces at play, impacting required choices; and often you have little grasp of the outcome the Creator, or your “higher self,” intends for you. 
A metaphore for this “Game of Life,” in contrast to the “Enlightenment Game,” is Tic Tac Toe—a marvelous example of a game played since the first century, BC, wherein most players have zero knowledge about the matrix math and numbers operating during the game. 
The comparison of Tic Tac Toe to the Game of LIfe is much like people living without understanding the underlying spiritual forces at work, or the creative consciousness inspired by the music of the spheres and mathematics, including 528 and the Yin/Yang symbol of “69.” isthe simplest game played by most humans who have zero understanding where from this game derives and what it actually represents.
Economics, Philospyty, stats
Concerned with values.
Time of absoute certainty
Tic tac toe game theory. Win or Lose you place a bet.
One of Oldest games. Certain moves guarantee a win, but there is uncertainty. and Uses X’s and Os, both 6s in Alphanumeric code. THE CODE.
Le Her is a gambling game, dating as far back as the 18th century.
Le Her is played with a standard deck of 52 cards by two people, designated the dealer and the receiver. King is ranked high and ace low.
To play the dealer gives one card to the receiver and one to the dealer. The receiver may choose to exchange cards with the dealer, unless the dealer has a king in which case no exchange occurs. Then the dealer may choose to exchange with the top card of the deck, unless the top card is a king in which case no exchange occurs. In the case of the dealer and receiver having same ranked cards the dealer is the winner.
Le Her played a role in the development of the mathematical theory of probability with solutions being sought by Bernoulli and de Montmort.

Card game one of the oldest in history, also. This is played with 52 cards from four suits, and a Joker—a card out of time, a free day, the wild card, that does not have a spread. July 26 is day out of time, 
52cards in deck, 364 days in year, 3 
This is what gives you the whole basis for our calendar system. 52 areds is 52 weeks. 365 is all the cards added up incluing the joker. the day out of time, just like the Mayans. The Mayan signatures, and the system itself, it is totally mathamatical, correcpsonding to the cards.
Figure 7-9 show the deck of playing cards by which your “game of life” gets played out on the board that is certain not boring. (CLICK HERE to play The Enlightenment Game.)
I spoke on the phone with Robert Lee Camp, author of Love Cards, Destiny Cards, and other books based on the ancient science behind our common deck of playing cards.  This subject was first explored in modern times by Olney H. Richmond in The Mystic Test Book, published in 1894, and elaborated on in Sacred Symbols of the Ancients, by Florence Campbell and Edith Randall, in 1947, and in Arne Lein’s 1978 book, What’s Your Card?  According to Campbell and Randall, the mystical significance of the fifty-two cards and their amazing connection with our individual birthdays was a secret kept by the Order of the Magi for thousands of years and revealed only when the time was finally right.        
      The science of the cards is based on the combined influences of astrology and numerology.  Robert Camp describes it as a system of self-understanding and prediction, with the same function as astrology, but much easier to learn and more readily available.  You can learn this system well enough within in an hour to do a significantly accurate reading for yourself or somebody else.  It can be most easily explained as based on a connection between the cards and the calendar year.  There are 52 cards in a deck, with thirteen cards assigned to four suits each.  Similarly, there are 52 weeks in a year, which can in turn be divided into four seasons of approximately thirteen weeks each. 
      A Birth Card and a secondary symbol called the Planetary Ruling Card together represent each day of the year.  These cards, and the relationships between them, can tell you a great deal about your self and your relations with friends and loved ones.
      After discovering this system and experimenting with it, I found it to be not only more immediate and accessible than astrology, but in some ways deeper and more fundamental, as well.  Although astrology is most commonly represented in superficial fashion in the daily horoscopes published by newspapers and magazines, in fact it involves a grasp of many factors, including twelve astrological signs, twelve houses, ten planets, and a number of major aspects that the planets make with one another.  Then there is the necessity of calculating the exact time of birth to determine the ascendant, which is crucial in constructing the natal chart, the influence of transiting planets, progressions, and many other nuances.
      I expressed this to Robert, and he agreed.  “Just understanding astrology on a rudimentary level can be overwhelming for many people,” he said.  “You have to understand what a chart is and what it looks like.  The average person is not going to take the time to do that.  The science of the cards is more approachable.  Of course, you have to pick up a book, read about it, and learn some new terminology.  In an hour or so, however, you can do a reading that will blow you away.  Some people are hooked right from the beginning.  You just have to look up your card in the back of the Love Cards book to start reading about yourself.  Moreover, armed simply with a birth date, you can look up the cards of your relatives, friends, and acquaintances, and learn a great deal about the nature of your relationships to them.  By testing this system in the world, you can immediately confirm its validity.”

Today is not ?whatever. Tues tells you nothing, and neitherdoes the month. The card of the day REALLY tells you what the significance of the day is and what it brings. Look at the card days,. They didn ot want us to have that Code. They operate with the codes, especially the Master Code creating the Alpha and the Omega of the universe of plenty. It is like the Law of the Creator bonded to the destiny of humanity. People in the know generate great power simply because this knowledge, wisdom, is so powerful. Population controllers from God down to the most evil ones must use this technology, one way or another, for better or worse, to control. Hilter, like Hilary Clinton, was into this intelligence, fundamental to cosmology, astrology, and the occult; as was Moses and Jesus who taught of the Law being The Way.

For instance, to the Hebrews, described as “the chosen” ones to receive God’s greatest blessings, the most valuable being wisdom sought by King Solomon, the Davidian temple builder of the tribe of Judah. In this culture, the Kings ruled most powerfully. This power to control and rule over the people was simply accepted as a blessing, right, or inheritance of the Kings over the other royals and those governed, ideally judiciously with wisdom.
Hilter, for instance, was an Ace of Diamonds that, as shown in Figure ____, sits next to the master card in “heaven” the matrix, King of Spades. Because King to ace is according to the Mayans as well as the..
The can be high or low, Hitler a mass murderer, vegitarian astrolger.
Where they got the 4 symbols of the hearts, diamongs spaes and spade. Came from prayer, communicating with us and solitaire. Heart is
It is important to understand we make these symbols with our hands. OUr body makes these sacred symbols, as part oour design. Heart people hae a heart shaped face. You hands form these symbols. We stare at these symbols refleting God’s four math sets .Four seasons, four queareters. God’s language is making thse symbols we are matha ma maniesgted. How our bodies were structures.  Spades dig the durt, Hearts are the love cards, Diamonds are value and things in this world, clubs are the mental thikers and adolescents, thinking about things. Hips of woman shaped like a heart; beasts and cleavage the heart, the buttocks shaped like a heart. God loved us so shaped us with the heart
You have a choice to make can lead to an analysis of paralysis. Managed chaos upon which world is controlled, playing the game.
Sin city you look at the symbols of God and these sacred symbols that should be, as The CODE, on our temple walls. But instead, these adorn the walls and gambling machines of Sin City, Las Vegas, degrading the honorable language governing creation and merchandising it for gambling.
Dec. 7 was all about this, the code had been broken. We did not say anything because we did not want to alert them that we had cracked the code, like we are doing here.
How the game works is that we are interacting with the planets. They stamp you with a certain destiny. It is like a mathematical “download” vibrationally administered from birth through death, and rebirth into, theoretically, the next card in the deck.
Dec. 7 Bank of America Goes Bust
Days of History and Jacks and Kings in History
1776 July 4
May 11, 1931 Banking Crisis
Snake dates.

Wikileaks not leaked intelligence at all, but leaked but counter-intelligence. This is all pure propaganda covering both sides of every issue, right/left; rich/poor; democrat/republican, male/female, godly/sinful.
Kennedy Assassination
Stock Market Crash family and Karma Steal the Money Cards Jack Spades and 10 diamonds
Solitare Is a game of Divination

An Interview with Robert Camp, Author of Love Cards and Destiny Cards


1) Sereda, D: “Analysis of the Sound of the Sun Water Crystal,”:,_
3) Myerson RB. Game Theory: Analysis of Conflict. Harvard University Press, 1997. 4) Aumann RJ. (1987), game theory, In: The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics 2, 1987; pp. 460–82. See also:
5) Pascal’s wager. Wikipedia. See:’s_Wager
6) Le Her. Wikipedia. See:

You just GOTTA love a guy who references HIMSELF!!!!!!   

Here Len, have some more CRACK!

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